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On the website it is quoted that the judgment that occurred around 1844 is false, thus going against all movement of Adventist pioneers.

The site erroneously fails to differentiate the phase of atonement for sins that occurs in 1844 from the condemnatory trial. And so, using a document that speaks of the condemnatory judgment, they consider the atonement phase. As we saw earlier, the atonement phase does not involve condemnation but only forgiveness, everyone who goes through "Yoma" is forgiven. In the document in question we have:

Adventist pioneers in the development of Adventist religion after 1844 accepted the sanctuary's atonement system and everyone entered it.

As the site is ignorant of knowing the ritualistic systems, they confuse the periods, and quotes the writing on the side.

But couldn't James be against all the pioneers who after 1844 developed the idea of ​​the atonement of the sanctuary?

So what happened, now it's simple, understand that the site does not consciously read the idea of ​​the author of the text that says:

The title says "Judgment day", knowing that purification is not judgment day, but the day of forgiveness on which all Israelites were forgiven, we see that the site does not understand the difference between condemnation and forgiveness, the day the forgiveness that is the "yoma" and represents the cleansing of the sanctuary is involved in life blessing, while the day of judgment involves the curse of death.

The day of atonement occurs before the coming of Christ, but the day of judgment occurs later. As James quotes:

He says the trial will run for a thousand years, and all the pioneers among them Ellen accepted such a day of Judgment, which is not the day of atonement. Pioneers cite the day of atonement beginning in 1844 and the day of Judgment occurring for 1000 years after Christ's return.

The same website is greatly mistaken when analyzing that the question of the day of judgment involves some term related to forgiveness, and the day of judgment that occurs after the coming of Christ is only of condemnation.

For the atonement would have to have occurred as it happens in the ritual of the earthly sanctuary, where the high priest leaves the most holy, alerting the people to the forgiveness of their sins.

James' day of judgment is not the day of atonement.

We therefore see the lack of knowledge and analysis of the site involved, with the objective of condemnation, such site does not analyze calmly and consciously about the text.

    James White quotes the following texts: Acts Act 17:31 because he determined a day when he will justly judge the world, by means of the man he ordered for this; and it has given certainty to all, raising him from the dead.

Quote: 2Pe 3: 7 but the heavens and the earth now, by the same word, have been kept for fire, being reserved for the day of judgment and the doom of wicked men.
2Pe 3: 8 But you, beloved, do not ignore one thing: that a day to the Lord is like a thousand years, and a thousand years as a day.

The destruction judgment system is quoted by James for a duration of 1000 years, does not involve forgiveness, and is after the atonement of the sanctuary involved in the text of Daniel 8:14 which quotes " Up to two thousand three hundred afternoons and mornings; then the sanctuary will be purified ", the purification of the sanctuary is not the day of judgment, but the site due to its animalistic desire to attack loses the human rationality of understanding textual differences.


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