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Jerusalem remote long before the Moses period, its first account is found in several texts such as texts 10.5.355, 10.5.15083-15085,10.5.30066-30068 , as Salem's name. The city of Salem is the natural abbreviation for the name Jerusalem, city or foundation of peace. The city of Salem involves the position of a priestly city, and begins with the action of connecting man with God through a priest, the main factor of Salem is " In Salem is your tent " 10.5.15083-15085that is, the sanctuary of God is the main factor in Salem, which is Jerusalem. The origin of the name has its meaning probably "to the cities of (god) Shalim", as it was known by the Canaanites and Amorites in the period of Abraham but in Hebrew probably "the city of peace". In Egyptian texts from the 19th and 18th centuries BC, the name will be pronounced Urusalimum. In the letters of Tell-el-Amarna of the 14th century BC it appears as Urusalim. In Aramaic, it is called Yerûshelem. Such a city is declared to be very old and always linked to Divinity, such a factor of the ancient peoples constituted a sacred city for a God connected to peace or possessor of it, the mountain being a sacred point in relation to the peoples of the region. The historical connection of these concepts determines us that the region has been a sacred place since time immemorial and respected both by Canaanites, Amorites, Sumerians and Egyptians. In the holy book it is considered as the city of God, the place of its tabernacle. The main factor of the City of Jerusalem is the existence of the sanctuary of God and its home, and since time immemorial it has been linked to Divinity to this city, the lack of such a divinity has historically mischaracterized its existence. In the Holy Scriptures, such a de-characterization was foreseen, "believe me, the hour comes, when neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem you will worship the Father " 10.5.26177 . This foundation determines another study on the altered point of worship, which was standard for Old Testament times, and for biblical patriarchs 10.5.30066-30068 . Jerusalem is located in a position so important that the old testament is determined to pray towards it 10.5.9030, 10.5.11321 . so that should be prayed toward the temple. if the temple cease to exist mischaracterizes prayer to the nonexistent temple.
 H8004, שׁלם, shâlêm, shaw-lame ', The same as H8003; Peace place; Shalem, an abbreviation of the name Jerusalem: - Salem.

Ancient Jerusalem of the Hebrews Geopolitics

We saw earlier that Jerusalem is before the Hebrews, because even before Abraham such a city already existed and was linked to the Godhead of peace or place of God, we will now consider Ancient Jerusalem in the period understood by the conquest by David at the end of the 11th century BC until until 70 AD when Titus, son of the Roman emperor Vespasian, takes and destroys Jerusalem as a way of crushing a revolt that started in 66 AD Ancient Jerusalem has a detailed Geopolitical organization, such as low city, high city, Ofell, and the temple, the most solid column of geopolitics in Jerusalem during the period of David XI BC until 70 AD is the hegemony of the temple on Mount Moriah, this factor did not change during the period of Ancient Jerusalem. Let's look at the map of Ancient Jerusalem, determined by the Hebrew University: On the map we have the following We see the Geopolitical separation between Upper City, Lower City, Ofell, and the Temple dominating Mount Moriah. Because Jerusalem is linked to a holy city, the placement of the temple involves the main factor of the city's existence, remembering that on Mount Moriah, Abraham offered his son Israel, showing that such a place was sacred and designated by God long before David.  

The Ancient Jerusalem of the Hebrews site of the temple.

 The main part of Jerusalem is found on the sacred feature of Mount Moriah, which is seen on the map as being the hegemonically sacred site of the construction of the temple. His account goes back to the time of Abraham, where we see in Genesis 10.5.53 . The placement of the temple construction was determined by David where the Lord appeared 10.5.11231 . The place is determined in the Bible as the place determined by Jehovah, a chosen place 1 and set for the temple, and therefore it is a place uniquely determined for sacred works of worship 10.5.14089, 10.5.15509. The temple underwent reconstruction and expansion, and received the following popular names, Temple of David or Solomon, Temple of Zorobabel and Temple of Herod, remember that the real name is Temple of God, of Yahweh, House of Prayer and others, but popularly to distinguish the three names related to the leaders of the constructions.
The temple has its sacred place, its change of location would violate the very existence of Jerusalem, which was chosen to be the city of the temple of God, in which all the people of Israel went from time to time to worship.
1. H4179 - מריּה / מוריּה- môrîyâh - BDB Definition: - Moriah = “Chosen by Jehovah”


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