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Textual basis

In the first instance this study was done for members of the IASD, therefore people who consider Ellen White as a prophet, and being so has all the credentials of prophetic authority, of the biblical prophets.

The following message is quoted in Ellen's testimonial writings.

In these letters that I write, in the testimonies that I present, I present to you what the Lord has presented to me. I don't write an article in the magazine, expressing mere ideas of mine. They are what God has revealed to me in vision - the precious rays of light that shine from the throne. Testimonies, vol. 5, p. 67, 1882. TSV2 27

Soon it is informed that "I present to you what the Lord has presented to me " therefore, starting from the point that this term is correct, since the study was developed for Adventists, let's start with the first point.

Musical Base

Music forms a part of the worship of God in the courts above. We must strive in our songs of praise, as close as possible to the harmony of the heavenly choirs. Signs of the Times, June 22, 1882.

Therefore, the primary objective is "to get as close as possible to the harmony of the heavenly choirs ", of course for this we must know this harmony.


Related to Praise to God

I saw Jesus' extraordinary kindness and glory. His countenance was brighter than the sun at noon. His cloak was more white than the lighter white. How can I ... describe the glories of Heaven and the beautiful angels singing and playing their ten-string harps? Letter 3, 1851.

... Adam, by virtue of his love for Eve, disobeyed the command of God, and fell with her.
The news of the fall of man spread across the sky. The whole harp fell silent. The angels threw their crowns over their heads with sadness. All heaven was in turmoil. 
Early Writings 148.

His birth was devoid of worldly grandeur. He was born in a stable, and had a manger as his birthplace; however, His birth was far more honorable than that of any of the sons of men. Heavenly angels informed the shepherds of Jesus' advent, and God's light and glory accompanied their testimony. The heavenly army played their harps and glorified God. Early Writings 36.

For each one there is a crown that bears his "new name" (Rev. 2:17), and the inscription: "Holiness to the Lord." In each hand are placed the winner's palm and the resplendent harp. Then, as the leading angels deliver the notes, all hands masterfully slide over the harp strings, taking soft music from them in rich and melodious chords. An unspeakable rapture makes every heart vibrate, and every voice rises in grateful praise: "To him who loves us, and in His blood has washed us from our sins, and has made us kings and priests to God and His Father; to Him glory and power to forever and ever. " Apoc. 1: 5 and 6 .Big Conflict 646

it is systematic to note that the celestial instrumentation is totally based on the use of harp, harp being a string instrument, based on the vibration of a string that has variations in tension and dimension, similar to human vocal cords, such are analyzed as celestial tools of praise .

Related to Praise to Lucifer (Satan).

Eze 28:13 You were in Eden, the garden of God; you covered yourself with every precious stone: carnelian, topaz, onyx, chrysolite, beryl, jasper, sapphire, garnet, emerald and gold. Your drums and your fife were made in you; on the day you were created they were prepared .

The text refers to Satan, and refers to " made yours ", defining as his " drums and your fife ", also defining that such instruments were prepared in the creation of Lucifer " on the day you were created they were prepared ".

Ezekiel's vision is based on the observation of celestial actions, and therefore outside earthly customs adapted by sinfulness, the celestial vision always determines the purest form of existence, therefore being a motto:

Those who fail to grow in grace, not striving to attain the highest standard of divine perfection, will be overcome. TSV2 17

Be very clear, therefore, that in this study we are " striving to attain the highest standard of divine perfection ", and nullifying human concepts.


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