Are we carnivores?

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The smell of blood is usually strong and can be felt over a long distance. In the open air market or fairs, the customer chooses the animal that looks most succulent and appetizing. The blow to the dog's groin is quick and merciless, but death doesn't come that fast. Suffering still lasts a good few minutes. The animals that are slaughtered by the jugular, the suffering lasts less time. But to avoid dog bites, slaughterers prefer to attack the animal from behind.
A scene that occurs daily in China. "What a horror," say Westerners, for those who have dogs as pets. Wouldn't the Indians say the way we treat oxen and cows? There is no difference between killing an ox and a dog to eat! The reasoning also applies to strangling chickens, slaughtering pigs and other animals.

Torture, pain, suffering, despair and desolation. Animals of various species are treated as commodities, seen as another consumer good. They die cowardly and their bodies are sold to pieces. They grow in artificial and crowded environments, aggressive to their nature. How can an animal like a cow, in its docility, be deprived of its maternal instinct, just because the industry requires it to separate from its calf when it is only a few days old? How can birds, domestic animals, live in cages on eight animals per square meter and not become neurotic?
Not to mention the tortures that occurred in the tests of scientific laboratories, even though there are other alternatives for the development of new products.

"There are those who think that it is a natural right of man to subject animals to all kinds of cruelty, just as it was natural, in the past, for some people to consider themselves superior to others due to the difference in skin color. It was necessary for abolitionist groups and humanists appeared, even though they were ridiculed and discriminated against in the beginning, so that men could see the absurd in the way they treated other human beings, and even so, both form superior concepts between each other. , aided by a new type of abolitionists - who speak for beings who cannot speak for themselves -, you will know that other animals are not your property. They are beings with a right to life. Not only the question of animals but the question of obeying rules of nature, and the ecological view of the world ".

While we wait for that day to come, if it will arrive as determined by the government or human leaders, we pay a very high price suffering and dying from diseases linked to the consumption of animal products. Obesity, cardiovascular disease, various types of cancer, allergies and other health products that affect a large part of the population in developed countries. Bacteria become much more resistant thanks to the mass use of antibiotics in the treatment and disease prevention systems in livestock. And the formation of new diseases like covid-19 or corona virus.

Not to mention that society gains an extra dose of violence with rodeos, bull farms, dogfights and other atrocities in which children learn early on what is the law that prevails among human beings. An empire whose inheritance is uncertain and thus inevitable, since the devastation with burning in the Amazon rainforest that is destined for the formation of pastures for cattle always increases. The population of beef animals produces much more waste and garbage than the human population. And it is known that when we consume on the lowest scale of the food chain, which are vegetables, we reduce the consumption of natural resources by up to 90%.

These are some of the reasons why we should refrain from consuming any animal products, including milk, eggs, honey, leather, wool, silk, cosmetics that have been tested on animals, etc. The term given to this lifestyle is vegan, called by some radical vegetarianism - although we are not as radical as those who blow the brains of innocent animals, just to taste their meat for a few seconds.

Milk is the only animal product essential to human nutrition - always remembering that it must be the species' own and ingested only during the breastfeeding period. After this phase, foods of plant origin are sufficiently capable of meeting all the nutritional needs of any human being. And with advantages, since it is a cholesterol-free diet and rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, in addition to the antibodies received by the mother, which help the immune system.

A food free of animal products used correctly, involved in its natural bacteria, generates all the necessary components of human nutrition, and favors the reduction of morbidities and diseases, common in meat food.




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