Demonstration of Tendency (Celestial Beings)

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We see that " Little by little Lucifer came to indulge the desire for self-exaltation. ", Indulgence has the meaning of "giving in voluntarily", we see that the desire for self-exaltation appeared in a "saint, uncontaminated" and he voluntarily gave in to " desire for self-exaltation ", we say that when he saw" desire for self-exaltation "Satan tended to" voluntarily give in "to this desire. We see that " desire for self-exaltation " appeared in a "saint, uncontaminated", when he saw the " desire for self-exaltation"", Satan had two choices, to resist this desire and not to sin or to" voluntarily give in ", and he opted for the second. To Satan" voluntarily give in "commits the first sin found in the first commandment of the law" Whatever we cherish that tends to diminish our love for God, or become incompatible with the worship of Him due, we make a god out of it. (1), "this was the first sin.
We also see the other sin" And, coveting the glory that the infinite Father had bestowed on His Son, this prince of angels aspired to the power that was Christ's prerogative alone ", we see therefore that Satan here violates the tenth commandment " The tenth commandment strikes at the very root of all sins, forbidding selfish desire,(2) ". We see in the text that" Lucifer allowed his feelings to prevail ", we see that in a" saint, uncontaminated "," desires "appears, this is not a tendency, but choice is found in free will," The Scriptures they speak to man as having the power to choose between right and wrong "Review and Herald, March 5, 1884. When we say evil tendency, we say that man" allowed his feelings to prevail ", that is" to give in voluntarily "to his sinful feeling, which appears as we also saw in a" holy, uncontaminated "sinful desire in which one has the " power to choose between right and wrong ".
We also see that there is a struggle within this angel "but in his heart there was a strange, violent conflict. The truth, justice and loyalty were fighting against envy and jealousy ", this battle is fought in the hearts and common to all of them, see that" a strange conflict "is mentioned , this conflict presents itself, and does not depend on the will , the will is found in the “power of choice between right and wrong .” After that, “ The desire for supremacy returned,” that is, this desire appeared again, now he had two choices to refute this desire or indulge this desire and his decision was " and once again condescended to the envy of Christ ", this is what we quote as a trend, that is, when we see " the desire for supremacy ",once again condescended to envy ".
When we say that angels were not prone to evil, we may be doing like Satan" while laws might be necessary for the inhabitants of the worlds, angels, higher by nature, since his wisdom was a sufficient guide. They were not beings who could dishonor God; all his thoughts were holy; there was no greater possibility for them to make mistakes than for God Himself ", you would agree with Satan when saying" all their thoughts were holy; ", we saw that a thought arose in Satan that was not holy, and he was" holy, uncontaminated", sin was not in this thought but in" voluntarily giving in "to this thought, then we say that he has this tendency, that is, when he sees" the desire for supremacy "he tends to decide for something. The tendency is found in the decisions We see that " Lucifer had not at first been aware of the true nature of his feelings ", that is to say the thoughts or feelings of a " saint, uncontaminated ", it was not as Satan had said that for angels " all his thoughts were holy " and that " your wisdom was a sufficient guide ", here there were two choices to accept your own feelings,or refute and trust that all feelings must be guided by God even the "holy, uncontaminated ", without this any" holy, uncontaminated "would bring dishonor to God, contrary to what Satan said" They were not beings who could bring dishonor to God; all his thoughts were holy; "in this case what Satan's tendency was, his tendency was" he was afraid to express the action and imaginations of his mind; however he did not repel them ", his tendency therefore was not to repel his actions and imaginations.
In a brief conclusion we say therefore that every being that" voluntarily yielded "to a desire or feeling contrary to the will of God that appears in" holy, uncontaminated ", transgress the law or be a sin"The only definition of sin, found in the Bible, is:" Sin is the breaking of the law. "and that the trend depends on the choices"The Scriptures speak to man as having the power to choose between right and wrong".



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