Eva and Sin before Fruit

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As long as they were obedient to God, the evil one could not harm them; for if necessary, all the angels of heaven would be sent to their aid. If they firmly repelled their first hints, they would be as free from danger as the heavenly messengers. If, however, they yielded to temptation once, their nature would become so depraved that they would not have the power or the disposition to resist Satan in themselves ....

... The angels had warned Eva to be careful not to leave her husband while they were busy with their daily work in the garden; with him she would be in less danger of temptation than if she were alone. But, absorbed in his pleasant occupation, he unconsciously deviated from his side. Realizing that he was alone, he felt an apprehension of danger, but he chased away his fears, concluding that she had enough wisdom and strength to discern evil and resist it. Forgetting the angel's warning, she soon found herself contemplating, with a mixture of curiosity and admiration, the forbidden tree. The fruit was very beautiful, and she wondered why it was that God had deprived them of it. It was then the tempting opportunity ...

Taken from Patriarchs and Prophets, 53 and 54

Satan began his work with Eve in order to lead her to disobedience. She made her first mistake by turning away from her husband, then letting herself stay in the vicinity of the forbidden tree, and then listening to the tempter's voice, ...

... Eve really believed Satan's words, but her belief did not save her from the penalty of sin. Disbelieved the words of God   

Taken from Early Writings 34

Eva left her husband, to contemplate the wonderful things of Nature, delighting in their colorful scenery and the fragrance of flowers, admiring the beauty of trees and shrubs. He began to think about the restriction that God had imposed on them regarding the tree of the science of good and evil. She was dazzled by the beauty and abundance that the Lord had provided for the satisfaction of every desire. All of this, she said, God gave us for our satisfaction. Everything is ours; because God had said: "From every tree in the garden you shall eat freely, but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat of it." Gen. 2:16 and 17.

Eva strolled near the forbidden tree, and aroused her curiosity to discover how death could hide in the fruit of that pleasant tree. She was surprised to hear that her questions were picked up and repeated by a strange voice. "this is how God said," Won't you eat from every tree in the garden? " Gen. 3: 1. Eva did not realize that she had revealed her thoughts by talking audibly to herself; thus, she was greatly astonished to hear that her concerns were answered by the serpent. He really thought that the snake knew his thoughts and that he must be very wise.

He replied, "We will eat of the fruit of the trees in the garden, but of the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden, God said, 'You shall not eat of it, nor touch it , lest you die. Then the serpent said to the woman: You will certainly not die. Because God knows that the day you eat of it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil. " Gen. 3: 2-5.

Here the father of lies made his statement in direct contradiction to the expressed word of God. Satan assured Eve that she was created immortal, and that for her there was no possibility of dying. I told her that God knew that if she and her husband ate from the tree of knowledge, their understanding would be enlightened, expanded, exalted, becoming like Himself. And the serpent replied to Eve that the order of God, forbidding them to eat from the tree of knowledge, was given to keep them in such a state of subordination as to forbid knowledge, which was power. He assured him that the fruit of this tree was desirable above all those in the garden, to make them wise and to exalt them with equality with God. He refused you, said the serpent, the fruit of this tree, which out of all the trees,

Eva thought that the serpent's speech was very wise, and that God's prohibition was unjust. He looked with burning desire at the tree laden with fruits that looked very delicious. The snake was eating them with evident delight. Eve now desired this fruit more than all the varieties that God had made available to her, with full right of use.

Eve exaggerated the words of God's command. He said to Adam and Eve, "But from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you will not eat of it; for the day you eat of it, you will surely die." Gen. 2:17. In Eva's discussion with the snake, she added, "You will not touch it." Gen. 3: 3. Here the serpent's subtlety appeared. This quote from Eva gave him an advantage; he picked the fruit and placed it in Eva's hands, using his own words. "God said you would die if you touched the fruit. See, no harm has come to you by touching it; neither will you receive any harm from eating it."

Taken from In the Desert of Temptation (the test of trial).


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