The Question between Nature and Sin

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4.2.2. Nature
We see "If, however, they gave in to temptation once, their nature would become so depraved that they would not have in themselves power or willingness to resist Satan", man has two natures, the carnal nature and the spiritual nature, the text refers to nature but does not define which, nature is not the object of this study, but the trend. The natures of man are found in another study. We leave a text for meditation.
The apostle did not let himself be seduced by what he saw in this center of culture. His spiritual nature was so vivid the attractions of heavenly things,that the joy and magnificence of the riches that will never perish made the pomp and splendor of what surrounded him worthless in his eyes. Seeing the magnificence of Athens, he understood its seductive power over lovers of Art and Science, and his spirit was deeply impressed by the importance of the work before him. " AA 234
Our body is formed by what we eat and drink ; and as it happens in the natural economy, as well as in the spiritual economy; it is what we meditate on, which will give strength and vigor to our spiritual nature. "CC 88
"For Jesus, the meaning of the world and the works of God unfolded gradually as he sought to understand the reason for things, as any young person can seek to do so. The culture of holy thoughts and conversations was peculiar to Him. All the windows of His soul were open to the Sun, and the light of Heaven His spiritual nature was strengthened and His life manifested the wisdom and grace of God. "FEC 443
It is not the human instrument that must infuse life. The Lord, the God of Israel, will do this part, reviving the lifeless spiritual nature and putting it into action. The breath of the Lord of Hosts must penetrate inanimate bodies. "RP 45
As you feed on His word, you will find it to be spirit and life.The word destroys the carnal , earthly nature , and communicates new life in Christ Jesus. "NTD 391
" As soon as Satan manages to separate the soul, the only source of strength, from God, he will seek to awaken the impure desires of man's carnal nature . "PP 718
" Jesus also told them ... that He would take man's fallen nature , and His strength would not even be theirs. "- SG, vol. 1, p. 25.
" It was by order of God that Christ took upon Himself the form and nature of fallen man. "- SC, vol. 4a, page 115
"It was by order of God that Christ took upon Himself the form and nature of fallen man, so that He could be made perfect through suffering. He himself endured Satan's temptations so that He could understand how to help those who are tempted." - SP, vol. 2, p. 39.

4.2.3. Fallen
nature What is fallen nature
"If, however, they gave in to temptation once, their nature would become so depraved that they would not have the power or the disposition to resist Satan in themselves"
42 saying, Father, if you want, take this cup away from me; yet my will not be done, but yours. Luc 22
30 I cannot do anything of myself; as I hear, so I judge; and my judgment is just, because I am not seeking my will, but the will of him who sent me. Jo5


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