Prophetic period determined in Daniel and Revelation

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605 BC - Ascent of Nebuchadnezzar to the throne of Babylon. Captivity of Daniel. 
591 BC - Captivity of Ezekiel. Nebuchadnezzar's second assault on Jerusalem. Jehoiakim, king of the Jews, is deposed and probably dead. His son Jehoiachin comes to the throne and is taken captive to Babylon three months later. That happened to Zedekiah, the last king of Judah. 
586 BC - Nebuchadnezzar's last assault on Jerusalem. The city is destroyed and Zedekiah is taken captive. Temple in ruins. 
562 BC - Death of Nebuchadnezzar after 43 years of reign. Evil-Merodach (Amel-Mar-duke), his son, rises to the throne of Babylon. 
560 BC- Death of Evil-Merodach (Amei-Harduque). Neriglissar (Nergal-Sharuzur), son-in-law of Nebuchadnezzar, ascends to the throne of Babylon. 
556 BC - Death of Neriglissar (Nergal-Sharuzur). Laboroso-Archod (Labashi-Marduk, son of Neriglissar ascends to the throne of Babylon and dies that same year Nabonidus (Labinetus), son of Nebuchadnezzar, ascends to the throne of Babylon.. 
552 BC - Belshazzar (Belsharuzur) becomes co-regent Babylon with his father Nabonidus. 
550 BC . - Giro of Persia conquers average Astyages his grandfather, is dethroned. 
547 BC - Cyrus king of Persia, conquering Syria (or Lidia). 
539 BC - Death of Belshazzar . Babylon is conquered by Cyrus. Darius the Mede goes to reign in Babylon. 
536 BC- Decree of Cyrus for the return of the Jews to Palestine. The rebuilding of the temple begins in Jerusalem. This is the first decree. 
525 BC Cambyses, king of Persia, conquered Egypt. 
519 BC - Decree of Dario T. King of Persia. for the resumption of the reconstruction of the Second to the historicist interpretation, the fifth trumpet begins to be fulfilled. 
515 BC - Reconstruction of the temple of Jerusalem is completed (day 3 of the twelfth month, Adar, of the sixth year of Darius I - Esd 6:15). 
457 BC - Decree of Artaxerxes, king of Persia, in his 7th year of reign, for a new return of Jews to Palestine This and the third decree. They begin the 70 weeks of Dan 9:24 and the 2,300 evenings and 8:14 mornings. 
336 BC- Death of Felipe II, father of Alexander. He inherits the throne of Macedonia. 
334 BC - Battle of Gracian, the first of Alexander against Daria III (Codomano), king of Persia. 
333 BC - Battle of That, the second of Alexander against Darius III. 
331 BC - Battle of Arbelas. Alexandre defeats Dánio III. Persian Empire comes to an end giving way to the Greek-Macedonian Empire. 
323 BC - Alexander dies in Babylon on June 13. 
301 AC - Alexander's empire is divided into four parts, for four generals: This year, General Antigonos and Demetrius are defeated in battle 
LISIMOUS - Asia Minor and Thrace 
CASSANDRO - Macedonia 
SELEUCO- Northern Syria, Mesopotamia, East 
PTOLOMEU - Egypt, Palestine. south of Syria

168 BC - Battle of Pidna. Rome conquers Macedonia. of IPSO (301 BC) 
65 BC - Rome conquers Syria. 
63 BC - Rome conquers Judea. Pompey the conqueror. 
30 BC - Rome conquers Egypt. Otávio the conqueror. 
5/4 BC - Jesus is born. 
21 AD - Jesus is baptized. It ends the 69 weeks of Dan 9:25. 
31 AD - Jesus dies on the cross. The period of the Church of Aphesus begins 
34 AD - Stephen is stoned. End the 70 weeks of Dan 9:24 
70 AD - Jerusalem is destroyed by Titus of Rome. 
95 AD - Apocalypse and written by John, on the island of Patmos (Aegean Sea). 
100 AD- The period of the Church of Ephesus ends and that of Smyrna begins. 
313 AD - Edict of Constantine giving Christians freedom. End of the period of the Church of Smyrna and beginning of the Church of Pérgamo. 
321 AD - Domninical Law by Constantine. 
409 AD - Alanicus, king of the Cattle, sack Rome. Fulfillment of the first trumpet in the historicist interpretation. 
428 AD 476 AD - Assassination of the Western Roman Empire by the Vandals. In 455 AD, Genseric, king of the Vandals sacked the city of Rome for 15 days. This is seen as the fulfillment of the second trumpet in the Historicist interpretation. 
451 AD- In Chalon, Gaul, the greatest battle of Attila, king of the Huns. The conquered of Aquila, according to historicism, fulfill the third trumpet. 
476 AD - The Heruli conquer Rome. End of the Western Roman Empire. Fulfillment of the fourth trumpet according to the historicist interpretation. 
493 AD - The Heruli are destroyed by the Ostrogoths. The first of the three horns of Dan falls. 7: 8, 20. 
508 AD - France converts to Catholicism. Clovis, king of the Franks, is baptized. 
533 AD - Letter from Emperor Justinian of Constantinople, naming the bishop of Rome head of the crested churches. - 
534 AD - The Vandals are destroyed. The second of the three horns of Dan falls. 7: 8, 20. 
538 AD"The Ostrogoths are defeated by Belisannius, General of Justinian, and expelled from Rome. The third falls three horns of Dan 7: 8, 20. 
Begin the 1260 days / years of papal supremacy. The period of the Church of Pérgamo ends and the Church of Thyatira begins. 
622 AD - Muhammad's escape, on July 16, from Mecca to Medina, where he is triumphantly received Hegira begins (Mohammedan era). Mohammedanism arises in the Arab region of Jerusalem. This is the second decree. 
07/07/1299 AD - Otman (or Osman) invades the territory of Nicomedia in Greece. Begin the 150 days / years, or five months, of the fifth trumpet, according to the historicist interpretation. 
1453 AD- Fall of Constantinople in the hands of the Ottomans, headed by Mohammed II. Constantine XI (Paleóiogo), last emperor of the Roman Empire of the East, dies. It begins, according to historicism, the fulfillment of the sixth trumpet. 
1517 AD - Luther proposes his 95 theses to the departs of the cathedral of Wíttenberg. Protestant reform officially begins. End of the period of the Church of Thyatira and beginning of the Church of Sardis. 
01/11/1755 AD - Lisbon Earthquake. Possible date for the end of the period gives the Church of Sardis and start to the Church of Philadelphia. 
05/19/1780 AD - Darkening of the sun and moon. 
1792 AD- Pamphlet of William Carey when it is the duty of Christians to evangelize the world. They officially begin world evangelical missions. Possible for the end of the period of the church of Sardis and beginning of the Church of Philippi. 
1798 AD - Pope Pius Vi is imprisoned by Bentier at the behest of Napoleon BDNAparte. End of 1260 days / year of papal supremnacia. Possible date for the end of the near of the Church of Sardis and begins for the one of the Church of Philadelphia. 
1831 AD - William Miller begins his movement, preaching in Dresden NY 
11/11/1833 AD - The fall of the stars. 
11/08/1840 AD - Turkey (Ottoman power) submits itself to the European powers. According to historicism, the end of the period of 391 years and 15 days gives the sixth trumpet.
22/10/1844 AD - The great disappointment. Finished the 2,300 afternoons and mornings of Dan 8:14. The Investigative Judgment Begins in Heaven The Seventh-day Adventist movement begins on earth. According to historicism, the fulfillment of the seventh trumpet begins.

Important Dates Concerning the Book of Daniel

The chapters of the book do not obey the chronological order
623AC - Year of the birth of Daniel 
605 - 18 years (taken to the Babylonian captivity) Cap 1 (4T 570; 4BC 1158 PR 428) 
603 - 20 years - 19 Nebuchadnezzar's dream - Cap.2 
594 (?) - 29 (?) Years - Burning Furnace - Cap.3 
571 - 52 years - 29 Nebuchadnezzar's dream - Cap.4 (PR 515-519) 
553 - 10 years - la. Vision - Cap.7 (PR 553) 
551 - 72 years - 2nd. Vision - Cap.8 (PR 556) 
539 - 84 years - Belshazar's Feast - Cap.5 (PR 522-531, spec 527,528) 
538 - 85 years - 3a. Vision -Cap.9 (PR 554); Dan.11: 1 (PR 556) 
537 - 86 years - Cova dos Leoes -Cap .6 (PR 539-548) 
536 - 87 years - 4a. Vision - Cap.l0- 12 (Santlficação p.55 - "Old man")
- Obs: 3 minor kings (562-556 BC): 
Amel - Marduk (Evil - Merodach) 562-560 BC 
Nergal - Shurusur (Neriglissar) 560-556 AC 
Labashi - Marduk 556 BC


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