Is Adventist doctrine in Christ imputatory or atoning?

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First we must understand that sin is a sin to the lamb, that is, if it is made atonement for sin 1 . Nowhere does the lamb manage the imputation system. In the atoning system we have the sanctification, in the imputatory we have the destruction 2 . The imputatory ground is the system of judgment, or determination of condemnation. In the Adventist system the imputatory concept is determined in the so-called " Investigative Judgment ", so the dead lamb is not according to Adventist the imputatory system, but expiatory, since the imputatory occurs in the " Investigative Judgment ".

The foundation of the " Investigative Judgment " is based on the text " we shall all appear before the judgment seat of God, " 4 " Let us all be made manifest before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive what he has done through the body, who has done good or evil " 5 . The term biblical imputation involves the concept of judgment or conclusion, ie imputation is an action of a judgment 6 , without a judgment, or judgment has no imputation.

In fact, the Adventist base for the " Investigative Judgment " is the basis of the term imputation. Without the basis of imputation, one does not have the judgment, since the term " Lord shall not impute sin " 8 , and " we shall all appear before the judgment seat of God, " 4 added " before the judgment seat of Christ, one may receive the things done in the body, according to what he has done, whether good or evil " 5 .

As the imputatory system only occurs at the judgment, such action occurs representatively in the earthly sanctity, and indeed in the most heavenly holy. Thus the atoning system takes place in every sanctuary by means of blood, that is, where there is blood atonement, the imputation is not made by blood. The only time in the ritual that does not occur the atonement by means of blood is in the goat that is sent to the desert 7 . Thus Adventists do not determine the allocation in Christ, for Christ manages the atonement through the blood 8 . So where there is blood there is atonement and no imputation. Imputation is the judicially legitimized determination that something must be sentenced, that is, it does not manage the atoning blood but divine justice.

Jesus can not by divine justice be condemned for sins, Jesus be condemned judicially for sins, such a judgment would be unjust. In fact only a lawyer without a crime could intercede for the sinner, and this is Jesus. Taking the cause of sinful man to the Divine Court " we shall stand before the judgment seat of God, " 4 in which sin can not be imputed in Jesus, seeing his life without sin. Had Jesus sinned he could not be a lawyer for the man, for he would be a participant in the crime, and being a participant in the crime one can not be a lawyer.

So without sin, in the court of God, Jesus can not be by divine justice be convicted of something he did not commit, it would not be divine injustice, " God is a righteous judge " 9 . Now for a Just Judge can not impute conviction to a person who did not commit an offense, that would be unfair. So for Jesus, sin is not imputed, for in sin you can not determine sin for those who did not commit it. But atonement sin is about Christ, not his because it has no sin " but who, like us, was tempted in all, yet without sin " 10 . In fact in a just judgment one can not blame an innocent, and thus the sins that are in Christ are passed by the court, "" 4 . And now so is the imputation of sin or justification" Blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin " 2 ," For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of God " 4 ,.

Thus the action of Christ as lamb is not imputative but expiatory. The imputative grounds occur in the court of God, since imputation recurs to Judgment, or analysis of cause or circumstance.




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