What is the lack of the world and the feeling of Christ?

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When Christ walks on this earth that He felt the crowd that was around him? And what it was the world and are lacking?

One day a mother was pregnant and about to have a child, even though she has already had two daughters who were already bigger and studying in a school of early childhood education, she had a third child, now!
    This mother, after a few days spent at birth, and had a beautiful boy.
    Due to the birth, older daughters began to miss school to assist her mother in household chores, it would even be common, because back home mother would not be able to clean the house, take care of the baby and levá- them to study.
    But after two, three, four weeks in charge began to worry as much time girls did not go to school, she thought.
    The teacher decided to visit the home of this family, it took some food, for this family was poor and very simple. And when she arrived at the house of these people was welcomed at the gate of the house with so much love and joy for their aluninhas .. They exchanged hugs and kisses and then immediately the teacher asked the girls where was his mother. The girls quickly, said the mother was in the room. And pulling the teacher's hand ended up taking her to the room. And there the woman was faced with a sick mother, totally debilitated and unable to get up from that bed. It had been a month since she could not feed properly and did not produce enough milk to meet the hunger of the little newborn.
    The teacher looked at that scene ... poor mother on one side and the little baby weakened across the bed, the little girls looked at her mother and did not know what to do to help her even more and the husband with his wife bailing in everything he could. What trsiteza!
    At that time the teacher felt powerless to help the family, which greatly lacked the mercy of God, but she knew who to ask for help and so, as she was a servant of God told that mother, I pray for you, for the baby and by your family?
    And the mother readily accepted that lady pray for her, for her baby and for your family!
    So that visitor knelt beside the bed and asked the girls to kneel alongside to her, and aluninhas more than quickly met its request and there the lady asked a very simple prayer: Lord, the Lord knows the pain of this mother , you know that this mother would be healthy to breastfeed your child who is perishing!
    We know that the Lord is a God of mercy, we beseech Thee by his great mercy that lasts forever, forgive their sins, and if it be Thy will ... relieve this family ... in the name of Jesus. Amen
    When you have finished the prayer, that mother plastered a smile, but did not see their improvement. But the family was betrayed into the hands of Jesus.
    And the lady said goodbye and told the girls that they would return soon to attend classes that were all miss them and that she would be waiting for them. And he went back to school.
    Past four days, the following Monday, the school gate receiving students admired saw that mother down the street from the school. Impresses with joy and willingness, watched the firm steps that mother gave.
    Joy stamped on the face of those two women.
    But the teacher wanted to know what he had done that mother get up from that bed, because she was so fragile and weak and that time so strong and willing. So the teacher did not hesitate to ask: What was it that made you raise that bed?
    The mother paused and smiling said, your prayer!
    That teacher, gaped ... and impressed how God used it with such a simple act, and through a simple prayer, God heard and provided that wonderful miracle!
    The two hugged and thanked God for the miracle, and that mother believed in the God of the teacher, the God who rescues humanity, the living God who created man, the God of Israel that strengthens the weak it is He is what forgives all your iniquities, who heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from destruction; that crowns you with lovingkindness and mercy. Psalm 103: 3,4

    Let's go back one bit to the past, the time Jesus walked on the earth, and what does He felt the crowd that walked around?

    Seeing Christ the crowd that gathered around him, "he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd." Matt. 9:36. Christ saw the sickness, pain, lack and degradation of crowds Him embargavam steps. Him were presented the needs and miseries of humanity worldwide. Between the highest and the humblest, the most honored and the most degraded, I saw people longing for the very blessings He had come to bring souls who needed only to know His grace to become subjects of the Kingdom. "Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is great, but few are the reapers Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into His harvest.." Matt. 9:37 and 38.

    Today there are the same needs. The world needs workers who labor as Christ did for the afflicted and sinners. There is actually a multitude to be reached. The world is full of disease, suffering, misery and sins. Full of creatures who need their care - the weak, the helpless, the ignorant, the degraded. CS pág13
And the afflicted.

    Friend, what you can do to help these who are around you?
    Have you ever thought how God can use it to help afflicted people in your family, your children, your wife, your parents, or your friends or neighbors?
    Think how God can use you as His instrument to help and make a difference in humanity.
    Remember that only let the Lord use us, if we love each other.
    By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if you love one another (John 13:35)



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