Rebelds among the watchers

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This is the story of the fallen angels. The beginning, 6.1-2, is virtually identical with Genesis 6.1-2. In Enoch's book, we get their names and many other details.

At 6.6, Enoch explains the naming of Mount Hermon - in Hebrew it means curses. The mountain that he was actually referring to is possibly somewhere near Lake Van in Turkey. It is common for translators to update names rather than use phonetics, so the few names that appear, mainly mountains and rivers, can’t be relied upon as accurate identifications. We don’t know whether there was another mountain called ‘curses’ or even what language the book was originally written in.

At 7.2, he says they had giant sons. I believe that this means, not that they were physically big, but powerful and wealthy with private armies. Nevertheless, the Watchers may have been larger than the local people were. Many years of advanced healthcare and nutrition can lead to increasing average size.

They were probably quite young, these runaway angels, but they had weapons and knowledge (8.1) that meant they were able to dominate Enoch's people easily.

Since they could have children, by women, I think it is safe to assume that they are men, and not angels (or any other non-human entity), since breeding is species specific by definition. They were regarded as angels by Enoch and his people, (see what Lamech says at 106.5-6 in section 10), but Enoch also says they could appear like men when they wished, (see 17.1), but even so, he never seems to doubt their divinity.

At 8.4, the scene switches: to the angels in heaven - the Watchers at their home base. The activities of the runaways cause them to be noticed.

This section ends with some of the Watchers asking their Headman what should they do about the runaways. Alternatively, it could be seen as God being informed that no souls wish to incarnate on the Earth because conditions are becoming so bad.


6.1    And it came to pass, when the sons of men had increased, that in those days there were born to them fair and beautiful daughters.

6.2    And the Angels, the sons of Heaven, saw them and desired them. And they said to one another: "Come, let us choose for ourselves wives, from the children of men, and let us beget, for ourselves, children."

6.3    And Semyaza, who was their leader, said to them:

"I fear that you may not wish this deed to be done and that I alone will pay for this great sin."

6.4    And they all answered him, and said:

"Let us all swear an oath, and bind one-another with curses, so not to alter this plan, but to carry out this plan effectively."

6.5    Then they all swore together and all bound one another with curses to it.

6.6    And they were, in all, two hundred and they came down on Ardis, which is the summit of Mount Hermon. And they called the mountain Hermon because on it they swore and bound one another with curses.

6.7    And these are the names of their leaders:

Semyaza, who was their leader, Urakiba, Ramiel, Kokabiel, Tamiel, Ramiel, Daniel, Ezeqiel, Baraqiel, Asael, Armaros, Ananel, Zaqiel, Samsiel, Satael, Turiel, Yomiel, Araziel.

6.8    These are the leaders of the two hundred Angels and of all the others with them.

7.1    And they took wives for themselves and everyone chose for himself one each. And they began to go into them and were promiscuous with them. And they taught them charms and spells, and they showed them the cutting of roots and trees.

7.2    And they became pregnant and bore large giants. And their height was three thousand cubits.

7.3    These devoured all the toil of men; until men were unable to sustain them.

7.4    And the giants turned against them in order to devour men.

7.5    And they began to sin against birds, and against animals, and against reptiles, and against fish, and they devoured one another's flesh, and drank the blood from it.

7.6    Then the Earth complained about the lawless ones.

8.1    And Azazel taught men to make swords, and daggers, and shields, and breastplates. And he showed them the things after these, and the art of making them; bracelets, and ornaments, and the art of making up the eyes, and of beautifying the eyelids, and the most precious stones, and all kinds of coloured dyes. And the world was changed.

8.2    And there was great impiety, and much fornication, and they went astray, and all their ways became corrupt.

8.3    Amezarak taught all those who cast spells and cut roots, Armaros the release of spells, and Baraqiel astrologers, and Kokabiel portents, and Tamiel taught astrology, and Asradel taught the path of the Moon.

8.4    And at the destruction of men they cried out; and their voices reached Heaven.

9.1    And then Michael, Gabriel, Suriel and Uriel, looked down from Heaven and saw the mass of blood that was being shed on the earth and all the iniquity that was being done on the earth.

9.2    And they said to one another: "Let the devastated Earth cry out with the sound of their cries, up to the Gate of Heaven.

9.3    And now to you, Oh Holy Ones of Heaven, the souls of men complain, saying: "Bring our complaint before the Most High."

9.4    And they said to their Lord, the King: "Lord of Lords, God of Gods, King of Kings! Your glorious throne endures for all the generations of the world, and blessed and praised!

9.5    You have made everything, and power over everything is yours. And everything is uncovered, and open, in front of you, and you see everything, and there is nothing that can be hidden from you.

9.6    See then what Azazel has done; how he has taught all iniquity on the earth and revealed the eternal secrets that are made in Heaven.

9.7    And Semyaza has made known spells, he to whom you gave authority to rule over those who are with him.

9.8    And they went into the daughters of men together, lay with those women, became unclean, and revealed to them these sins.

9.9    And the women bore giants, and thereby the whole Earth has been filled with blood and iniquity.

9.10    And now behold the souls which have died cry out and complain unto the Gate of Heaven, and their lament has ascended, and they cannot go out in the face of the iniquity which is being committed on the earth.

9.11    And you know everything, before it happens, and you know this, and what concerns each of them. But you say nothing to us. What ought we to do with them, about this?”



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