The Revolution of the lights

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This chapter explains the path of the Sun in the sky, and how the length of the day varies, and the different seasons. The division of the year into months and the phases of the Moon are explained here.

It is interesting that the variation of day length is described with the day divided into 18 parts. The Watchers may have divided the day into 18 "hours" rather than our 24-hour system.

The seasonal variation in day length described, see 72.14 & 72.26, is more typical of northern latitudes. The situation here in London, in late December (close to the mid-winter solstice), is very similar to the description at 72.26 with a day of 8 hours, and a night of 16 hours.

The section on the Moon contains some accurate information such as that it appears in the sky to be the same size as the Sun, 72.37.

At 75.8-9 Enoch explains how the axis of rotation passes through the middle of the Earth - although I think Enoch was not sure what Uriel means by this. It should be remembered that the fact that the Earth is spherical and rotating was only widely accepted a few hundred years ago. Before then it was believed that the Sun went round the Earth.

There is a book called ‘Uriel’s Machine’ by C. Knight and Robert Lomas that makes out a good case for this chapter containing the information needed to construct a ‘henge’ - an observatory made from posts or standing stones. They also suggest Enoch may have been taken to Ireland - where there are a number of unusual and ancient sites still surviving.

When Enoch is talking about the north, at 77.3, he mentions this is the location of the Garden of Righteousness - the homeland of the Watchers.

At 78.4, the fact that the Moon obtains its light from the Sun is revealed. At 78.17 he says the Moon has a face ("looks like a man") for 20 days in the month; we call him "the man in the Moon". This is more evidence against my theory about the South Sandwich islands being the home of the Watchers because the Moon’s face is not recognizable in the southern hemisphere (because it is upside down). I suspect that this section about the Moon should be elsewhere in the text, probably near to the previous section about the Moon a few pages before.

There is a description of a book written by the Watchers that Enoch took notes from, (see 81.1-2), Enoch calls it The Tablets of Heaven. Enoch’s prophecy chapters come from this book.


72.1    The Book of the Revolutions of the Lights of Heaven.

Each as it is; according to their classes, according to their period of rule and their times, according to their names and places of origin, and according to their months. That Uriel, the Holy Angel who was with me, and is their leader, showed to me. And he showed me all their regulations, exactly as they are, for each year of the world and for ever, until the new creation shall be made which will last forever.

72.2    And this is the First Law of the Lights. The light called the Sun; its rising is in the Gates of Heaven that are towards the east, and its setting is in the western Gates of Heaven.

72.3    And I saw six Gates from which the Sun rises, and six Gates in which the Sun sets, and the Moon also rises and sets in those Gates, and the leaders of the stars together with those whom they lead. There are six in the east and six in the west, all exactly in place, one next to the other; and there are many windows to the south and the north of those Gates.

72.4    And first there rises the greater light, named the Sun, and its disc is like the disc of Heaven, and the whole of it is full of a fire which gives light and warmth.

72.5    The wind blows the chariots on which it ascends, and the Sun goes down in the sky and returns through the north in order to reach the east, and is led so that it comes to the appropriate Gate and shines in the sky.

72.6    In this way it rises in the first month, in the large Gate, namely; it rises through the fourth of those six Gates that are towards the east.

72.7    And in that fourth Gate, through which the Sun rises in the first month, there are twelve window-openings from which, whenever they are opened, flames come out.

72.8    When the Sun rises in Heaven it goes out through that fourth Gate for

thirty days, and exactly in the fourth Gate, in the west of Heaven, it goes down.

72.9    And in those days the day grows daily longer, and the night grows nightly shorter, until the thirtieth morning.

72.10    And on that day the day becomes longer than the night by a double part, and the day amounts to exactly ten parts, and the night amounts to eight parts.

72.11    And the Sun rises from that fourth Gate, and sets in the fourth Gate, and returns to the fifth Gate in the east for thirty mornings; and it rises from it and sets in the fifth Gate.

72.12    And then the day becomes longer by two parts, and the day amounts to eleven parts, and the night becomes shorter and amounts to seven parts.

72.13    And the Sun returns to the east and comes to the sixth Gate, and rises and sets in the sixth Gate for thirty-one mornings, because of its sign.

72.14    And on that day the day becomes longer than the night, and the day becomes double the night; and the day amounts to twelve parts, and the night becomes shorter and amounts to six parts.

72.15    And the Sun rises up so that the day may grow shorter, and the night longer; and the Sun returns to the east, and comes to the sixth Gate, and rises from it, and sets, for thirty mornings.

72.16    And when thirty mornings have been completed the day becomes shorter, by exactly one part; and the day amounts to eleven parts, and the night to seven parts.

72.17    And the Sun goes out from the west, through that sixth Gate, and goes to the east, and rises in the fifth Gate for thirty mornings and it sets in the west again, in the fifth Gate in the west.

72.18    On that day the day becomes shorter by two parts, and the day amounts to ten parts, and the night to eight parts.

72.19    And the Sun rises from that fifth Gate, and sets in the fifth Gate in

the west, and rises in the fourth Gate for thirty-one mornings because of its sign, and sets in the west.

72.20    On that day the day becomes equal with the night, and is of equal length; and the night amounts to nine parts, and the day to nine parts.

72.21    And the Sun rises from that Gate and sets in the west, and returns to the east, and rises in the third Gate for thirty mornings, and sets in the west in the third Gate.

72.22    And the Sun rises from that third Gate, and sets in the third Gate in the west, and returns to the east; and the Sun rises in the second Gate in the east for thirty mornings, and likewise, it sets in the second Gate, in the west of Heaven.

72.24    And on that day the night amounts to eleven parts and the day to seven parts.

72.25    And the Sun rises, on that day, from the second Gate, and sets in the west in the second Gate, and returns to the east to the first Gate for thirty-one mornings, then sets in the west in the first Gate.

72.26    And on that day the night becomes longer, and becomes double the day; and the night amounts to exactly twelve parts, and the day to six parts.

72.27    And with this, the Sun has completed the divisions of its journey, and it turns back again, along these divisions of its journey; and it comes through that first Gate for thirty mornings, and sets in the west opposite it.

72.28    And on that day the night becomes shorter in length by one part, and amounts to eleven parts, and the day to seven parts.

72.29    And the Sun returns, and comes to the second Gate in the east, and it returns along those divisions of its journey for thirty mornings, rising and setting.

72.30    And on that day the night becomes shorter in length and the night amounts to ten parts and the day to eight parts.

72.31    And on that day, the Sun rises from the second Gate, and sets in the

west, and returns to the east, and rises in the third Gate for thirty one mornings, and sets in the west of the sky.

72.32    And on that day the night becomes shorter, and amounts to nine parts, and the day amounts to nine parts, and the night becomes equal with the day. And the year amounts to exactly 364 days.

72.33    And the length of the day and the night, and the shortness of the day and the night - they are different because of the journey of the Sun.

72.34    Because of it, its journey becomes daily longer, and nightly shorter.

72.35    And this is the law and the journey of the Sun and its return, as often as it returns; sixty times it returns and rises, that is the great eternal light, which for ever and ever is named the Sun.

72.36    And this that rises is the great light, which is named after its appearance, as the Lord commanded.

72.37    And thus it rises and sets; it neither decreases, nor rests, but runs day and night in its chariot. And its light is seven times brighter than that of the Moon but in size the two are equal.

73.1    And after this law I saw another law, for the lesser light, named the Moon.

73.2    And its disc is like the disc of the Sun, and the wind blows its chariot on which it rides, and in fixed measure light is given to it.

73.3    And every month it’s rising and setting change, and its days are as the days of the Sun, and when its light is uniformly full, it is a seventh part the light of the Sun.

73.4    And thus it rises, and its first phase is towards the east; it rises on the thirtieth morning. And on that day it appears, and becomes for you the first phase of the Moon, on the thirtieth morning, together with the Sun in the Gate through which the Sun rises.

73.5    And a half.(.....) .with a seventh part, and its entire disc is empty,

without light, except for a seventh part, a fourteenth part of it’s light.

73.6    And on the day that it receives a seventh part and a half of its light, its light amounts to a seventh, and a seventh part and a half.

73.7    It sets with the Sun, and when the Sun rises, the Moon rises with it, and receives a half of one part of light. And on that night at the beginning of its morning, at the beginning of the Moon's day, the Moon sets with the Sun, and is dark on that night in six and seven parts and a half.

73.8    And it rises on that day, with exactly a seventh part, goes out, recedes from the rising of the Sun, and becomes bright on the remainder of its days, in the other six and seven parts.

74.1    And another journey, and law, I saw for it, in that according to this law it makes its monthly journey.

74.2    And Uriel, the Holy Angel who is leader of them all, showed me everything, and I wrote down their positions as he showed them to me.

And I wrote down their months, as they are, and the appearance of their light, until fifteen days have been completed.

74.3    In seventh parts it makes all its darkness full, and in seventh parts it makes all its light full, in the east and in the west.

74.4    And in certain months, it changes its setting, and in certain months, it follows its own individual course.

74.5    In two months it sets with the Sun, in those two Gates that are in the middle, in the third and in the fourth Gate.

74.6    It goes out for seven days and turns back, and returns again to the Gate from which the Sun rises. And in that Gate it makes all its light full, and it recedes from the Sun, and comes, in eight days, to the sixth Gate from which the Sun rises.

74.7    And when the Sun rises from the fourth Gate, the Moon goes out for seven days, until it rises from the fifth Gate. And again it returns in seven days to the fourth Gate, makes all its light full, recedes, and comes to the first Gate in eight days.

74.8    And again it returns in seven days to the fourth Gate from which the Sun rises.

74.9    Thus I saw their positions; how the Moon rose and the Sun set in those days.

74.10    And if five years are added together, the Sun has an excess of thirty days. For each year, of the five years, there are three hundred and sixty four days.

74.11    And the excess, of the Sun and the stars, comes to six days. In five years, with six days each, they have an excess of thirty days, and the Moon falls behind the Sun and the stars by thirty days.

74.12    And the Moon conducts the years exactly, all of them according to their eternal positions; they are neither early nor late, even by one day, but change the year in exactly 364 days.

74.13    In three years, there are 1,092 days, and in five years 1,820 days, so that in eight years there are 2,912 days.

74.14    For the Moon alone, the days in three years come to 1,062 days, and in five years it is fifty days behind.

74.15    And there are 1,770 days in five years so that for the Moon the days in eight years amount to 2,832 days.

74.16    For the difference in eight years is eighty days, and all the days that the Moon is behind, in eight years, are eighty days.

74.17    And the year is completed exactly, in accordance with their positions, and the positions of the Sun, in that they rise from the Gates from which the Sun rises and sets for thirty days.

75.1 And the leaders of the tens of thousands, who are in charge of the whole of creation, and in charge of all the stars, and also the four days which are added, and are not separated from their position, according to the whole reckoning of the year. And these serve on the four days that are not counted in the reckoning of the year.

75.2    And because of them men go wrong in them. For these lights really serve in the stations of the world, one in the first Gate, and one in the third Gate, and one in the fourth Gate, and one in the sixth Gate. And the exact harmony of the world is completed in the separate 364 stations of the world.

75.3    For the signs, and the times, and the years, and the days, were showed to me by the Angel Uriel whom the Lord of Eternal Glory has placed in charge of all the Lights of Heaven. In Heaven and in the world, so that they might rule on the Face of Heaven, and appear over the earth, and be leaders of day and night; the Sun, the Moon, the stars, and all the serving creatures who revolve in all the Chariots of Heaven.

75.4    Likewise, Uriel showed to me twelve Gate-openings in the disc of the chariot of the Sun, in the sky, from which the rays of the Sun come out. And from them heat comes out over the Earth when they are opened at the times that are appointed for them.

75.5    And there are openings for the winds, and for the spirit of the dew, when they are opened at their times, opened in Heaven, at the ends of the earth.

75.6    I saw twelve Gates in Heaven, at the ends of the earth, from which the Sun, and the Moon, and the stars, and all the works of Heaven, go out in the east and in the west.

75.7    And there are many window-openings to the north and to the south, and each window, at its appointed time, sends out heat corresponding to those Gates, from which the stars go out, in accordance with His command to them, and in which they set according to their number.

75.8    And I saw chariots in Heaven, running through the region above those Gates, in which the stars that never set rotate.

75.9    And one is bigger than all the others. And it goes round through the whole world.

76.1    And at the ends of the earth, I saw twelve Gates open to all the winds, from which the winds come out and blow over the earth.

76.2    Three of them open in the front of Heaven, and three in the back, and three on the right of Heaven, and three on the left.

76.3    And the three first are those towards the east, and then the three towards the north, and the three after these towards the south, and the three in the west.

76.4    Through four of them come winds of blessing and peace. And from the other eight come winds of punishment; when they are sent they bring devastation to the whole Earth, and to the water which is on it, and to all those who dwell upon it, and to everything that is in the water and on dry ground.

76.5    And the first wind from those Gates, called the east wind, comes out through the first Gate, which is towards the east. The one that comes from the south brings devastation, drought, heat, and destruction.

76.6    And through the second Gate, in the middle, comes what is right. And from it come rain, and fruitfulness, and prosperity, and dew. And through the third Gate, which is towards the north, comes cold and drought.

76.7    And after these, the winds towards the south come out, through three Gates. First, through the first of the Gates, which inclines towards the east, comes a hot wind.

76.8    And through the middle Gate, which is next to it, come pleasant fragrances, and dew, and rain, and prosperity, and life.

76.9    And through the third Gate, which is towards the west, come dew, and rain, and locusts, and devastation.

76.10    And after these, the winds towards the north..(.. .)..from the seventh Gate, which is towards the east, come dew and rain, locusts and devastation.

76.11    And through the Gate exactly in the middle, come rain, and dew, and

life, and prosperity. And through the third Gate, which is towards the west come mist and hoarfrost, and snow, and rain, and dew, and locusts.

76.12    And after these the winds towards the west. Through the first Gate, which inclines towards the north, come dew, and rain, and hoarfrost, and cold, and snow, and frost.

76.13    And from the middle Gate, come dew and rain, prosperity and blessing. And through the last Gate, which is towards the south, come drought and devastation, burning and destruction.

76.14    And thus the twelve Gates, of the four quarters of Heaven are complete. And all their laws, and all their punishments, and all their benefits, I have shown to you, my son Methuselah.

77.1    They called the first quarter eastern because it is the first, and they call the second the south because there the Most High descends, and there especially the one who is blessed forever descends.

77.2    And the western quarter is called waning because there all the lights of Heaven wane and go down.

77.3    And the fourth quarter, named the north, is divided into three parts. And the first of them is the dwelling place for men; and the second contains seas of water, and the deeps, and the forests, and rivers, and darkness and mist; and the third part contains the Garden of Righteousness.

77.4    I saw seven high mountains, which were higher than all other mountains on the earth; and from them snow comes. And days and times and years, pass away and go by.

77.5    I saw seven rivers on the earth, larger than all the other rivers; one of them comes from the east and pours out its waters into the Great Sea.

77.6    And two of them come from the north to the sea and pour out their water into the Erythraean Sea in the east.

77.7    And the remaining four flow out on the side of the north, to their seas, two to the Erythraean Sea, and two into the Great Sea, and they discharge themselves there, and not into the wilderness, as some say.

77.8 I saw seven large islands, in the sea and on the land, two on the land, and five in the Great Sea.

78.1    The names of the Sun are as follows: The first Oryares, and the second Tomases.

78.2    The Moon has four names: The first name is Asonya, and the second Ebla, and the third Benase, and the fourth Era'e.

78.3    These are the two great lights; their disc is like the disc of Heaven and in size the two are equal.

78.4    In the disc of the Sun, are seven parts of light, which are added to it more than to the Moon, and in fixed measure light is transferred to the Moon until a seventh part of the Sun is exhausted.

78.5    And they set, go into the Gates of the west, go round through the north, and rise through the Gates of the east, on the face of Heaven.

78.6    And when the Moon rises, it appears in the sky, and has a half of a seventh part of light, and on the fourteenth day it makes all its light full.

78.7    And fifteen parts of light are transferred to it, until on the fifteenth day its light is full, according to the sign of the year, and amounts to fifteen parts. And the Moon comes into being by halves of a seventh part.

78.8    And in its waning on the first day, it decreases to fourteen parts of its light. And on the second to thirteen parts, and on the third to twelve parts, on the fourth to eleven parts, and on the fifth to ten parts, and on the sixth to nine parts, and on the seventh to eight parts, and on the eighth to seven parts, and on the ninth to six parts, and on the tenth to five parts, and on the eleventh to four parts, and on the twelfth to three, and on the thirteenth to two, and on the fourteenth to half of a seventh part. And all the light that remains from the total disappears on the fifteenth day.

78.9    And in certain months the Moon has twenty-nine days and once twenty-eight.

78.10    And Uriel showed me another law: - when light is transferred to the Moon, and on which side it is transferred from the Sun.

78.11    All the time that the Moon is increasing in its light, it transfers as it becomes opposite the Sun, until in fourteen days it’s light is full in the sky; and when it is all ablaze, it’s light is full in the sky.

78.12    And on the first day it is called the New Moon, for on that, daylight rises on it.

78.13    And its light becomes full exactly on the day that as the Sun goes down in the west it rises from the east for the night. And the Moon shines for the whole night until the Sun rises opposite it, and the Moon is seen opposite the Sun.

78.14    And on the side on which the light of the Moon appears, there again it wanes, until all its light disappears, and the days of the Moon end and its disc remains empty without light.

78.15    And for three months, at its proper time, it achieves thirty days, and for three months, it achieves twenty-nine days, during which it completes its waning, in the first period, in the first Gate, 127 days.

78.16    And in the time of it’s rising, for three months, it appears in each month with thirty days. And for three months it appears in each month with twenty-nine days

78.17    By night, for twenty days each time, it looks like a man, and by day like Heaven, for there is nothing else in it except it’s light.

79.1    And now, my son Methuselah, I have shown you everything, and the whole Law of the Stars of Heaven is complete.

79.2    And he showed me the whole law for these, for every day, and for every time, and for every rule, and for every year, and for the end thereof, according to its command, for every month and every week.

79.3    And the waning of the Moon, which occurs in the sixth Gate, for in that sixth Gate it’s light becomes full, and after that it is the beginning of the month.

79.4    And the waning, which occurs in the first Gate, at its proper time, until 127 days are complete, or by weeks; twenty-five weeks and two days.

79.5    And how it falls behind the Sun, according to the law of the stars, by exactly five days in one period of time, when it has completed the pathway you have seen.

79.6    Such is the appearance, and likeness, of every light, which Uriel, the great Angel who is their leader, showed to me.

80.1    And in those days Uriel answered me and said to me: “Behold, I have shown you everything, Oh Enoch. And I have revealed everything to you, so that you may see this Sun, and this Moon, and those who lead the Stars of Heaven, and all those who turn them, their tasks and their times and their rising.

80.2    But in the days of the sinners the years will become shorter, and their seed will be late on their land, and on their fields. And all things on the earth will change and will not appear at their proper time. And the rain will be withheld and Heaven will retain it.

80.3    And in those times the fruits of the earth will be late, and will not grow at their proper time, and the fruits of the trees will be withheld at their proper time.

80.4    And the Moon will change its customary practice and will not appear at its proper time.

80.5    But in those days it will appear in Heaven, come on top of a large chariot in the west, and shine with more than normal brightness.

80.6    And many heads of the stars, in command, will go astray. And these will change their courses and their activities and will not appear at the times that have been prescribed for them.

80.7    And the entire law of the stars will be closed to the sinners, and the thoughts of those who dwell upon the Earth will go astray over them, and they will turn from all their ways and will go astray, and will think them gods.

80.8 And many evils will overtake them and punishment will come upon them to destroy them all.”

81.1    And he said to me: “Oh Enoch, look at the book of the Tablets of Heaven and read what is written upon them, and note every individual fact.”

81.2    And I looked at everything that was written and I noted everything. And I read the book and everything that was written in it, all the deeds of men, and all the children of flesh who will be upon the Earth, for all the generations of eternity.

81.3    And then I immediately blessed the Lord, the Eternal King of Glory, in that he has made all the works of the world, and I praised the Lord because of his patience, and I blessed him on account of the sons of Adam.

81.4    And at that time I said: “Blessed is the man who dies righteous and good, concerning whom no book of iniquity has been written, and against whom no guilt has been found.”



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