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The Ethiopic Book of Enoch,

M. A. Knibb, Oxford University Press.

My book is based on this 1974 Oxford University translation. There are many footnotes on the details of the translation and detailed comparisons of the various known manuscripts and fragments of the book.

The Book of Enoch,

R H Charles, SPCK London

Published in 1917 and the most common English translation - but not the best.

The Book of Enoch the Prophet

Richard Laurence, Wizards Bookshelf

Published 1821 but possibly a better version than the Charles version.

Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Summit University press

This is a good and well researched book about Enoch. It also includes the text of the the 19th century Laurence translation of the Book of Enoch. Also there is an extensive section covering biblical references relating to Enoch and the book. This book also has the text of other old works where Enoch appears in the title, such as the secrets of Enoch, and also the Book of Jubilees (written at the time of the Exodus).

Uriel’s Machine

Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas, Arrow Books

This is a good book and worth reading. It connects Enoch to the ancient

stone circles and religions and is packed with interesting detail.

From the Ashes of Angels

Andrew Collins, Michael Joseph

This is an interesting book about the possible background of the Watchers.

Thoth - Architect of the Universe

Ralph Ellis, Edfu Books

Mainly a book about the mathematics of stone circles and pyramids but related to Enoch’s time period in places. This is the book that mentions the South Sandwich islands.

The Sign and the Seal

Graham Hancock, Mandarin.

This is about Ethiopia and the Ark of the Covenant. It was this book that led me to Enoch’s book.


Krishna Dharma, Torchlight Publishing

An Indian religious epic, that is very old, and that may be based on the story of the families of some of the rebel Watchers during the times between Enoch and Noah. There are some very interesting descriptions of warfare involving advanced weaponry.



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