What is the best method to beat the coronavirus and any other virus?

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When there is a vaccination policy, it is usually concerned with children and the elderly.
Why do you care about such groups? It is defined that the immune system of these groups is weaker than other groups.
Now, if that is so, then strengthening the immune system is an action to overcome the disease. Normally, health systems aim to avoid contagion.
What is observed is that the contagion can be delayed, but usually it ends up occurring, and the weight of the strength of the immune system of a population, defines the mortality of the virus.
A major mistake of health systems is not to focus on improving health, linked to the power to beat viruses.
People talk about washing hands, wearing masks, avoiding eye contact, but they don't say anything about strengthening the immune system.
Not that care with contact is not important, but strengthening the immune system is very important, and we see that the health system does not give due importance.
Food, physical exercise, should always be mentioned so that society is aware that the immune system is extremely important against diseases.
Not only for new epidemics, but also for future epidemics. What we see is that society and leaders are not concerned with prevention, they only act when the danger is imminent.
If they thought more about prevention, and made practical prevention systems, many deaths and sufferings would not have occurred in society.


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