What is the origin of the Corona virus and how to prevent it?

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The origin of the coronavirus comes from animals.
In this case we can say that by the act of eating animals. In 1960 Coronavirus was first detected in chickens, and detected in the nasal cavities of humans with a cold.
Coronaviruses have their ideal hosts, birds and bats. But it can be found in several animals, such as: ox, pig, rabbit, dogs and others.
It can lead to the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), and can thus lead to death.
The outbreak in China is due to the meat diet.
China has asked its citizens to stop eating bats, snakes, mice and other animals.
The use of meat foods has generated an increase in diseases for men, which could not have appeared in men.
Such as avian fever, mad cow disease and others that caused deaths. And now a new strain of Coronavirus.
In fact, this new strain is not as strong as the previous ones. It is therefore necessary that the outbreak be reduced.
There is no drug treatment to cure coronavirus. The only way to beat the disease is to strengthen the body, seeking better health, and a strong immune system.
Thus, seeking health is the best way against the coronavirus. And so, vegetarian food, seeking sources of nutrients and physical activities, becomes the best way to overcome diseases.
Remember that B12 can be purchased without eating meat!


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