How to Hygiene of Greens?

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You know what must be done TECHNIQUE FOOD HYGIENE of?
    So stop for a moment and know its importance.
    The Sanitization of food technology is a process used to eliminate microorganisms and parasites. Diseases transmitted through ingestion of food has been a matter of growing concern among public health agencies. The microorganisms vary from eggs and cysts of protozoa and helminths, the harmful bacteria and viruses responsible for severe cases of poisoning.
    Such contamination can occur by handlers from planting to consumption. Contamination can also occur through the presence of nearby plantations animals and also when food handling at harvest, in storage, transportation, distribution, bandage and also the marketer when going to the consumer.
    Another contamination factor are rodents passing the boxes and agglomerated at the time when food is stored in deposits.
    The food to be handled by the consumer, may occur the risk of contamination if he did not use the correct parameters for proper care. By manipulating should not touch nose, ears, hair, money or other contaminated utensils, dirty dishcloths or using the toilet and not washing hands properly, can occur contamination by unwashed nails, etc.
Because these microorganisms which are deposited in the "grocers" from planting to the consumer's table, is known by the population, that fruits and vegetables must undergo a more rigorous hygiene to avoid this great harm.
See step by step cleaning process:
1. defoliate the vegetables and keep them dipped in clean water for about 15 minutes to soften the dirt;
2. Wash each leaf under running water;
3. Soak in bleach solution at the rate of 1 tablespoon of full soup for each liter of water and leave the solution for 10 minutes. Noting that the label is written should Sodium Hypochlorite Solution 2.0 to 2.5% w / w. or sanitary water containing images of fruit or vegetables on the label, confirming the possible use for cleaning of their food. Health scented water and other products should not be used. You can also request hydrochloric acid in the Health Centers Pharmacies is given for free, but must observe really smells like "candida" there may be "cheating" and does not really have the proper product and instead have the possibility of being "water" . When using to observe the animals in the water that made the greens are dead, that's a sinal.O another sign is only with laboratory testing to see if it Sodium Hypochlorite same. To use this position the product to be applied correspondingly drops 10 Sodium hypochlorite 2.0 to 2.5% w / w to 1 liter of water. Remembering to be accurate in the use of these products as excess can cause. Certain "Candidas" can cause adverse effects on human health: Inhalation and ingestion are the product entry routes in the body. Depending on the physical and duration of exposure, can affect the gastrointestinal tract, mucous membranes, skin and
eyes. Care should be: is incompatible with acids, forming chlorine gas. It should not be mixed with ammonia, with products which contain or which may give rise to ammonia (eg, amines, etc.). Every care will prevent problems.
4. Wash again with tap water to remove the bleach. The same procedure should be adopted for other vegetables that will be eaten raw: tomatoes, carrots, beets, cabbage and fruits even in shell;
5. Avoid contact of vegetables washed and disinfected with others who were not treated.
6. Reserve drainer.
7. Save them in refrigeration or fruit. If you prefer you can put in dry plastic bags in the refrigerator.
8. If you leave this fruit will make the cleaning again because of those "gnats fruit" that contaminate food.
Use this process with all foods, such as fruits, vegetables.
Thus, using hygiene methods, you will be taking care of your family with love and preventing diseases.
Be a woman or wise man
For the wise it is wise and prevents many ailments.


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