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Biography and hymns of Jane Eliza Leeson (1808-1882)Jane Leeson, Jane E. Leeson, J. E. Leeson,

Jane Eliza Leeson


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Born: 1808, Wilford, Nottinghamshire, England.

Died: November 18, 1881, Leamington, Warwickshire, England.

Leeson joined the Catholic church late in life. Her works include:

  • Infant Hymnings
  • Hymns and Scenes of Childhood; or a Sponsor’s Gift (London: Burns, 1842)
  • Lady Ella, or the Story of Cinderella, April 1847
  • Songs of Christian Chivalry, September 1848
  • Christian Child’s Book, in two parts, October 1848
  • The Wreath of Lilies; A Series of Simple comments for Children, on the Events in Our Lord’s Life, 1849
  • Chapters on Deacons, 1849
  • The Ten commandments Explained, in Easy Verse for Children, November 1849
  • The Story of a Dream, 1850
  • Paraphrases and Hymns for Congregational Singing, 1853


  • julian.htm')" href="bio/js/nojs.htmJulian, pp. 669, 527, 597, 817, 1163, 1598, 1643, 1663


  1. A Little Child May Know
  2. Dear Saviour, to Thy Little Lambs
  3. s/grasavgs.htmGracious Savior, Gentle Shepherd
  4. Have Ye Counted the Cost?
  5. In the Dark and Silent Night
  6. Jesus Christ, My Lord and King
  7. King of Saints and King of Glory
  8. l/s/lstsheep.htmLoving Shepherd of Thy Sheep
  9. s/t/steachme.htmSavior, Teach Me Day by Day
  10. Songs of Glory Fill the Sky
  11. Stand We Prepared to See and Hear
  12. Sweet the Lesson Jesus Taught
  13. Wake the Song, O Zion’s Daughter
  14. Wake, Ye Saints, the Song of Triumph


  1. c/h/christtl.htmChrist the Lord Is Risen Today
  2. O Holy Spirit, Fount of Love


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