The Water Drum

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The moments are like drops falling into a drum with large amounts of liquid.
If you drip a drop of clear water into a red liquid drum, the clear drop that has fallen is imperceptible.

There are people who judge life for a moment, and life is composed of several moments, and the sum of all moments that determines who the person is.
In other words, the person is the liquid barrel.

Your sister left the house with all the hope in her heart that you had changed, and she wanted to believe in this change, constantly asking me what I thought if you had changed or not, and I always informed her that she had to be sure and don't wonder if yes or no.
But your sister could not stop thinking about the hug she would give you in the tank and that made her cry, this being one of the factors that I had to leave with her in the morning, because with other things she would stop thinking about the scene .
Your sister has the character of a defender, she faces everything and everyone to defend the right, and that was when she defended you when Mrs. C ... distinguished her son and prohibited things for you, your sister defended you no matter who it was. Remember at your fifteenth birthday party when you got slapped on your dad's ear? Your sister became an animal to defend you, she had the courage to slap your father. Your sister always wanted to defend you from everything, and always wanted you close to her, as if you were a daughter, there were times when she would give everything she had for you, because she considered you the weakest of all the brothers, and the Defender character is your sister's strong part. Being very true, it speaks in the can and at the time, no matter what it is, it is true and clean, it does not deceive or falsify.

And because she was like that, she was indignant about things, because when she decided to be with me, and she wasn't even boyfriends, she faced her mother and father to the point that her mother said to her "damn time you were born", but Miss. X ... didn't change the courage, it doesn't matter. Now seeing you married and the father not being able to go to the son's party at the grandmother's house and the mother remains? And more when he told you about giving to the poor and not the rich, and hearing that you care more about things for those you have than for those who don't, knowing that the day before you had been baptized!

Your sister lives among people with facial deformities, people who have terrible problems! She learned about the brevity of life, because she saw how fast life and death are, and she always had the hope of having you as a companion, but your sister is a defender, she helps people. And are you a courageous advocate ready and happy to help those who don't have to be happy?

Or you like parties, walks, places with joy, and the more you escape from the reality of life's suffering the better. Your sister is not like that, she faces suffering, she doesn't like it, but she looks straight ahead, and helps people by giving comfort and joy, she goes into places that you wouldn't have the courage to go, but she goes because she wants to help. You don't know the sister you lost, I think you do !!! Your sister would defend you from everything and everyone and try every way to help, in every way.

Do you know when Miss. X ... I was hugging you in the baptismal tank, I asked God, Lord, show the truth to Miss. X ..., and as her sister uses a lot of love she is often deceived, but these days she has become much more rational than sentimental. m

But you are her sister, and do not think that I keep talking badly about you, you are the ones who condemn themselves, so she will be saddened just let me go with you. If you were people fighting for the law, and you looked for what is right and studied the word of God, Miss. X ... I would always be with you, but day after day when she goes there she returns sad and dejected, and this time it was strong.

When she saw you being baptized she hoped to now have your mate so lost! It is not my job to accuse, what the person is each one will see, just give time!

Smy sister kept asking me if her baptism was in fact a death of the old Miss. J ... for the new one or not, but my word doesn’t serve to show things, so I always told her to stay with you and make sure she changed or not, and that she shouldn’t be in doubt or ask me, let alone crying, waiting for Miss. J ... return to be Miss.a.'s helper. X ... and Miss. X ... Miss. J ..., but Miss. X ... kept crying and asking, the good thing is that when the time comes H. X ... stop crying and face whatever comes. But on the day of the baptism, the birthday party already demonstrated how serious his baptism was, because love is a key point, and a birthday in a place where the father is not accepted and the son observes the mother in this place was demonstrated the old miss. J whether he died or not,

Ah, so, that means I think you baptized yourself to deceive others !!! No, I don't think so, I know that at your baptism you were willing to change your life, asking for forgiveness for the mistakes made, because such mistakes cause you difficulties and sadness, but remember that you said that a clean drop in a dirty drum does not demonstrates cleanliness, that is, after the baptism, things have returned to their normal axis, and you remained Miss. J ..., remember that baptism represents the death of the old man for the new man, or baptism becomes a real burial or is just a bath.

There is the question of forgiveness, the person thinks that baptism is forgiveness, baptism is not forgiveness, forgiveness is acquired by praying to God, baptism is a testimony that your life has changed, have you really changed your life ??? Or deep down, deep down you got baptized because you believe that God will forgive you if you follow the protocol, and that it is important for your family, and that you did not need to be excluded, your baptism being just a rewiring, church organization and acceptance of your family? And where is the theory of baptism then? So baptism is a plan, but there at the time of baptism you wanted to be someone else and have a different life. And I know that at the moment it is sincere, but it is at the moment. But when you returned you saw that you are the same person.

Examine and see how you become a different person? Simple, being different, not doing what you used to do, but you already know a lot that you have to do and don't do, but there is one thing that you determined, is that each one has their reality, Miss. X ... learned to have the word of God as the axis of what is right and what is wrong, and you miss. J ..., where is the axis of what is right or wrong, how do you know what is right and what is wrong? Isn't it your mind and your tastes? And is the bible more theoretical than real, is one the real world and the other the bible? These two worlds do not exist, or you determine in your life what is right or wrong in the Bible or it does not help, "there is I know that the Bible has what is right but I want to do what I want". So why baptism, if the old man remains? That saddened your sister. You could say "my sister and I know this is right, but I will fight to change", and that would give hope to Miss. X ... of your move, but due to the beats you took in life, you are showing more who you are.

It was still difficult to really see her true face, because her appearance was that of a helpless girl and in need of help, you did not show that your desire was parties and joys, and generated the impression that you sought to be with God accepting to pass the difficulties of a servant of God, in helping the afflicted the needy, and rejoicing in his holy word. But slowly you really showed that your goal is the joy of parties and outings, and that religion is just an imaginary thing that keeps me from doing big nonsense, like killing, stealing, etc ... The rest is my life and God wants that I live happily even if contrary to some of his teachings. And that the bible is to read from time to time, but it is not a rule of practice, it is only spiritual.
This type of ideology is wrong and cannot remain, unless the person does not want to hear the reason. And this is what happens, no one demonstrates that Miss. X ... be wrong in your concepts, demonstrating to others that each person's faith is in their own head, and this represents the baal, Miss. X ... I was hoping that someone had in mind that the word of God is the teachings of a person's head.
Show that Miss. X ... is wrong in its ideology, take the bible which is the rule of right and wrong. And hers and show that Miss. X ... is wrong. But you have already noticed that you cannot do this, it is better not to listen to her, it is better to hide her family stories from her, it is better not to open her mouth to her. Your sister defends who is true to her, and your sister is true to all of you, are you true to her ??? Does she receive from you the same as she does? Don't you know that she wants in every way to make you want to go to heaven and accept biblical standards?

Your sister always wanted the right! Her mother used to say before I even entered her life that "she likes to put drops on is", showing that Miss. X ... I liked what is right, and I preferred the right than parties and joys. And do you prefer parties and joys than what is right? And that's what you showed Miss.X, Miss. X ... felt cheated, "as I go on a baptism and hug the person thinking that he has changed and I see that Miss J ... is the same person who is more concerned with what she wants than with what is right, it looks like my mother ". You think I'm trying to separate Miss. X ... from you? Before she hugged you at the baptismal tank she asked me if I should or not, I knew she wanted to hug you, and told her to go. We had several appointments on Saturday, what my family was sad about not going with them, but her imam woke up at dawn and told me that god woke her up telling her about the baptism of miss. J .... Oh, so Miss. X ... is a prophet !!! It is not that, but that God works warning those who love him he warns, God talks to everyone who wants to hear him. Miss. X ... said what I should do, I said call your aunt, but she said "and if I call z.", I said "okay", but she saw in her heart that she didn't want to talk to aunt, and then she regretted it and said I'll call the aunt, which later proved to be a blessing. Miss. X ... said what I should do, I said call your aunt, but she said "and if I call z.", I said "okay", but she saw in her heart that she didn't want to talk to aunt, and then she regretted it and said I'll call the aunt, which later proved to be a blessing. Miss. X ... said what I should do, I said call your aunt, but she said "and if I call z.", I said "okay", but she saw in her heart that she didn't want to talk to aunt, and then she regretted it and said I'll call the aunt, which later proved to be a blessing.
Many think I am misleading Miss. X ..., then whoever thinks I am deceives her, because the truth shines much more than the lie, and you know it in your skin, you lived with me a little and you know how I work, if I'm cheating Miss. X ... just show her she has enough logical conscience to understand the lie of the truth, I don't put it in a glass bell jar. And I prefer that she learns living than I tell her this or that, her sister is a free woman, she goes everywhere without me, and anyone who wants to talk to her, she talks, she doesn't do it like others people who get tired of listening, she hears !!! Try to talk to her ... see when she gets tired ???
She doesn't have a closed head, talk to her about, politics, psychology, universal sciences. Now talk "ahhhh how cute", "what a beautiful thing", "look look this is cute", do not expect such things from a conversation with Miss. X ... Miss. X ... has already passed this small world involved in illogical and fleeting feelings, the ideology of Miss. X ... is the big one.

On the day of your baptism, I came with Pastor P ..., and we came to talk about things ... do you think there is time to keep your eyes closed to the harsh reality, and curl up in a fleeting joke to forget the harshness of life. You should see and read about people's lives, and see what happens to people when making the wrong decisions! Well I know that you already know in the skin, but did you learn ??? Or just know?

You know what happens to a child's mind when he sees that his father cannot attend a party in one part of the family, and more ... that his mother remains in a place where the father is not a welcome person Or do you think a child doesn't understand? And over time, both the father and the mother will not have the respect of their children, as children learn for example from their parents.
Put yourself in the place of your children, and see the consequences of actions on them and the harm they will be causing, because no matter what you do what you did and do, it generates consequences with no return, right ???
Imagine you telling the story of Adam and Eve to your children, and your children seeing that when God expelled Adam he also expelled Eve, there was no one among them who could enter the garden of Eden, but in your case it is different, because while you are accepted at your mother's house, your spouse is not accepted, why but each one decides, your mother is completely free to place in her house whoever she wants, now you agree that your spouse is out of a birthday party for your own son, and does not see the strength of decision not to agree with this, that is, your children do not see that you decide not to agree with your mother.
And now how does a child see this? Some children see it as clever: I enjoy everything that comes, no matter what the injustice, as long as I get what I want! If someone suffers because of that I don't care, the important thing is that I get what I want !. When a child develops with this factor he will hide his life from you, and if what you are doing is something he wants and you don't, he will only tell you what he and you are doing.

In other words, he will do something similar to you, if he finds a girlfriend he will do the hiding, and he will only tell you when he thinks that now you will support or not be able to hide anymore, he will hide everything from you until you reach the point where you have no way, and interesting that you will see that it is the same problem as you!
Interesting why are you like this? You among your siblings were the person who most directly lived with your mother. His brother lived a lot with his cousin and his aunt L., Miss. X ... and your older brother with your grandmother, and aunts, but you were much more with your mother, and you came across your father's exclusion principle, that is, your father was always the one who didn't understand, and your mother, the person you thought, lived with your mother saving money without your father knowing it, and you would say it is logical, so that she could pay things when my father was in debt. Right in parts, because the act of hiding is wrong, and you learned the same way, and when a child learns, he learns at the general level and begins to hide everything, think about his life and see what he has learned?

And then with this teaching for your children, you will be the third generation of people who will be Miss. J ... who hide the truth! How do you think it will be your suffering to encounter a child who is like you hiding things from you? In the same way that you hid it from your mother until it was too late! Remember that this is because of the lack of firmness, companionship and positioning between husband and wife. A son who grows up with the strength of dignity hopes that his mother will not accept those who do not accept his father and hopes that the father will not accept those who do not accept his mother, so the family becomes an inviolable circle, and the child will have firmness that his parents defended him against anyone.
But in this way the children see that they have no security, their security is in doing what the strongest decides, father and mother will defend the children at the same level that the mother defends the father, and if the father has the maternal defense that he stays out of a birthday party for his own children, what will be in the child's mind the defense he will think he will have with his mother?
Have you ever imagined your children's mind as it will be? First, one will know that his father and mother generated him out of wedlock, and this led to exclusion, what moral will such parents have if their son decides to have sex with his girlfriend? Or do you think your children will not grow up ??? And if you receive the following answer "The mother doesn't get enough, I won't be as stupid as you and get my cat pregnant, leave my life if I want help, I ask, don't get into my life".
A home is made up of a husband who defends your home, and an organizing and entrepreneurial woman in managing the strengthening of the home, and that involves not accepting anyone who despises one of the family members, or do you think there is a difference in who you despise the father, and despise the son, for the son it makes no difference, the mother and the father for the son are equal, if the father is despised, he can despise the mother, and if the mother participates in places where the father is despised , he determines that the mother's personality cannot be trusted that he will be defended by his mother when he is despised by someone else.
In other words, if one of the relatives speaks to one of your children, I don't want to hear from you at my house, in your child's mind there will be the same ideology that you act now, "my mother will have fun with those who don't accept me, my mother cares more about her than defending me, I remember she used to go to my grandmother's house and my father didn't go there, because my grandmother didn't want him there, my mother didn't defend him, it's good for us to show her mother what she wants, when we can get out of here, we talk like that, we don't suffer ".
Doesn't look like some personality. J ... ???

But does your husband make several mistakes? Now it was you who chose him, you chose the man who should give education to his children, this is how nature works, deceit is education by grandparents, education is given by parents, and both father and mother are responsible for choosing each other for the best education of their children. And so far I'm using concepts from psychology and society, I could put several texts from the bible and testimonies, but there is the concept that there is only a bible in my head and that of his sister, like Paul who knows the sciences, don't think that I read and it’s useless, knowledge is acquired by studying, everyone knows it.

Returning to the topic, is your home the home that your children will be able to have honor and dignity before their friends? Are both the father and the mother people they can be proud of? Is the father a respected and intelligent man, a strong anchor of the family, who he has defended all? If it is not the fault, it is the mother who chose it. And is the mother a courageous defender of what is right, honorable and dignified and who always demonstrates her honor as a woman and courage to defend family members? If it is not the fault, it is the father who chose it.

If the father is honored and worthy of courage and honor, the children will learn from him and be a blessing, and if the woman is a defender of the home that puts the home in a safe haven, and that if one was ignored all were ignored, if one suffers everyone suffers, such children grew up confident and firm to resist life's difficulties.
Otherwise the children will obtain the defects of the father and the mother, and they will have no dignity to rebuke them.
Imagine your child making a fool of you, giving the idea that you are going to do what you want and when it comes time to make the decision, choose what you were sure he would not choose, you can teach a moral lesson to a child who do that? And if he says "You did it with grandma, who are you to scold me?" And if somewhere they don’t want you, and your child leaves you to go to the house that doesn’t accept you, knowing that several people there will do their utmost to separate your child from you, you’ll have the moral to talk to him about union between family?
But you can beat your child so he can do things right, physical reprimand is important, as long as the father and mother are honored, so the child understands that he is being scolded because the family has no part in it, but if the father or the mother does and the child is physically reprimanded, she examines this as arrogance, it is the law of the strongest, "if I have strength I do it while I am not subordinate". The act of hitting the child never works when the father and mother are not honorable people, first the parents are reprimanded and then the children are reprimanded, if the parents do not fulfill what they want their children to do they have no right to be boastful about their children.

What about baptism !!! The basis of baptism was established by John the Baptist, the only man to baptize Christ Jesus, I hope that now he can use the Bible ... And what does he say ??? Imagine that people leave their homes and go somewhere far away on foot, to be baptized and know that they will suffer sanctions from the church, and when they get there, find a man who says:
Luk 3: 7 to the crowds that came out to be baptized by him: Race of vipers, who teaches you to escape from the wrath to come? Luk 3: 8 Therefore, bear fruit worthy of repentance; and do not begin to say in yourselves: We have Abram as our father; because I tell you that even from these stones God can raise children to Abram. Luk 3: 9 The ax is already set at the root of the trees; every tree, therefore, that does not produce good fruit, is cut down and thrown into the fire.
Put yourself in the shoes of people, would you be baptized after receiving such an accusation ??? Or would you leave, because João was a figure dressed in camel skin, bearded eating honey and locusts, would you baptize yourself ??? Christ was baptized with this man, and you think he was a liar ??? for people he said it but for Christ what did he say ??? John 1:36 and, looking at Jesus, who was passing by, said, Behold the Lamb of God! , João knew who "Race of vipers" was, and who was "Lamb of God", even though he was a figure ??? but what did he say it should be done after baptism ???
Luk 3:11 Then he answered them: He who has two tunics, share with him who has none, and he who has food, do the same.

This is what your sister did not accept in you after her baptism, by showing that the preaching of John the Baptist had not entered your heart or perhaps you have even realized what baptism is ... Have you seen this text? ? Pro 22:16 "... what gives to the rich, will certainly impoverish", you may have the idea that impoverishment is money, it may be too, but impoverishment for God involves impoverishing the spirit.

You know you could write, write, write. You already know that I can talk, talk and talk ... But the idea of ​​me writing to you is much more connected in that your sister reads the letter, I wish you could change, but I'm not a sentimental fool who believes in cheap sentimentality. You have determined that your life is governed by your positions. A lot has been done for you to change and choose the word of God as a rule of faith and practice.
But your sister dreams of a day that you change, this is because she feels guilty for having been a pactuante day with the beginning of your courtship with boys, when I always said that it was not to date but to study !!! Your sister sees today that she should have said the same thing and yesterday she said it to a girl, and she saw that it was good, but if your sister agreed with your dating while you were a girl, I was always saying the opposite, even against your family, and even receiving accusations that I wanted to have intercourse with you ... Well I don't care and I feel that what I said was correct, you shouldn't date, should study, should pass medicine and should be a doctor, well! !! That was not your choice !!! And your sister has no responsibility for that, if she agreed with your childhood dating, you could have chosen not to !!! And this letter is for your sister to read and to know that you, reading this letter, are fully aware that she is not to blame for her choice to date and generate everything, or thinks that what happened to you is the fault of R. ., the fault lies in the sum of all the drops that were put in your bucket, when you dated your first boyfriend with the help of your family built all the paraphernalia of situations that you find today, if you had not accepted your first boyfriend and had he decided to study he would be on another level. In the end, if your mother forbids the R ... she was the one who started the whole movement to arrive at what it is today, but that in no way changes what you decided, that's why or think that what happened to you is the fault of R ..., the fault lies in the sum of all the drops that were put in your bucket, when you dated your first boyfriend with the help of your family built all the paraphernalia of situations that you find today, if you hadn’t accepted your first boyfriend and decided to study, you’d be on another level. In the end, if your mother forbids the R ... she was the one who started the whole movement to arrive at what it is today, but that in no way changes what you decided, that's why or think that what happened to you is the fault of R ..., the fault lies in the sum of all the drops that were put in your bucket, when you dating your first boyfriend with the help of your family built all the paraphernalia of situations that you find today, if you hadn’t accepted your first boyfriend and decided to study, you’d be on another level. In the end, if your mother forbids the R ... she was the one who started the whole movement to arrive at what it is today, but that in no way changes what you decided, that's why if you hadn't accepted your first boyfriend and decided to study, you would be on another level. In the end, if your mother forbids the R ... she was the one who started the whole movement to arrive at what it is today, but that in no way changes what you decided, that's why if you hadn't accepted your first boyfriend and decided to study, you would be on another level. In the end, if your mother forbids the R ... she was the one who started the whole movement to arrive at what it is today, but that in no way changes what you decided, that's why
You might not date when your family told you to date, but you and only you decided to do it, and you knew you had another choice not to date and study. Two things have marked my life in relation to you, one when you came with a physics book to study physics with me before all your boyfriends, and another when you preached at church ....
But I am not a sentimentalist, I am a realist ... This letter is to say that your sister loves you very much, when she had a cardiac arrest at the hospital she said to me that the school was to be yours when she left, and that I should take care so that everything would work out for you, your sister was able to give you everything that is hers, but she cannot dream of what is illusory, it has to be realistic, life is a struggle, she wanted to be your companion, but you have your choices and two will not go together if they do not agree ... So your imam today cried when reading this letter, and will cry in reading this ending that you have not yet read !!! But who are you ??? what will you do ??? The hope was to change my life ... But I'm a realist ...


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