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What is determined plagiarism, or not in the Holy Scriptures? We must therefore analyze the details and understand that if God chooses a way of acting that is similar, or common to the people, he does not need to request authorship from another being since he is the producer of all authorship, and everyone depends on Him to be producers, since that if God is a creator, then all things are created by Him, if not, then God is not a creator.

Moses was born approximately the 15th century BC 5 , the law described already existed as a rule in Egypt 6 , which was based on the Hammurabi Codes 8 approximately in the 17th century BC

To analyze some positions of the Scriptures we will analyze some texts, in parallel with the Bible and the Code of Hammurabi.

Logically, it is a very analytical factor, to understand that an idea launched almost 200 years before, is disseminated in the culture of the Semitic region, and adapted to the cultural situation of the people.

When we read the text contained in 11, we see "it separated the waters that were under the firmament from those that were above the firmament " 11 , here it is citing that " waters ... that were above the firmament " 11 is related to the blue sky , now we know that the sky is blue because of oxygen and not water, and the term " waters " means large expanses of water, or oceans, and since the idea did not involve rain since the water came from the earth 12 . This idea of ​​" waters " 11 came from previous cultures and spread as knowledge to the Semitic peoples.

Therefore, God uses what is common to the people so that they partially understand what is being said 13 . We must understand that the use of momentary rules can violate some permanent ones. Note that the law contained in 3 violates the ten commandments contained in 14 , so those in 14 are more permanent than those in 3, since 3 summarizes the temporary idea that fell in 15, so the hardness of heart fell to the laws of Hamurabi common to the people of the time, but it should not be so if the people could endure 10 .

In the bearable system we find, that the code 209 16 is similar to that of Exodus 21:22, regarding the pregnant woman, in the order of the facts with each other.

Since the Scriptures seek to save for an eternal life, soon the complete theoretical system will be studied in the time that determines eternity.


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