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Due to ignorance of Scripture, some sites condemn actions that are pragmatically similar to the action of Scripture.

One of these is related to text 19 referring to text 18 , that is to say that Ellen plagiarized the text quoted " in Jesus was live underived, unborrowed " 18 ( in Jesus there was life not derived, not borrowed ), using the text " In Christ is life, original, unborrowed, underived " 19 ( In Christ there is original life, not borrowed, not derived ).

Let's understand what would be plagiarism. First, let's understand how this study works. In this study some parts of texts that I find I put a number and describe where I found the text, but that is a degree of choice, given the saying " nothing is created, everything is copied"For example, if I am extremely discerning, I could for example, when I write any word I should write who invented it and where it came from, for example the word" life ". I did not invent the word life, but someone used this word in various formats determined by various thinkers about the word "life", so in order not to be a plagiarist of the word and the strand of its meaning, you should write the word "life" and include its various concepts and producers, which would include several numbers to the side of the word life. When writing the word "original" you should do the same and include several numbers of quotation the word, and when adding "original life", there would include several more numbers of quotations,the study would be highly tiring and highly difficult to reach a common point, it would really be something to complicate and not to explain.

See that even everything that anyone writes, it is more or less based on previous information, coming from books, parents, friends and others. Getting to know from whom, and how each idea processed in our mind belongs to someone else, is extremely impossible. Even what I do not place as authors described in the notes can be given by me once read, but that I did not remember that I read or saw from another place, and all human beings are like that.

In this way, plagiarism legislation defines very clear and specific rules, which show that the person really wanted to make a real usurpation of one material, on the other. And it is not based only on half a dozen words, but on a complete environment of ideas in a very large plot of pieces systematically copied from the same author, reaching the complete idea of ​​the total content, in the author's written order in the plagiarist's material.

Therefore, texts 18 and 19 do not state plagiarism as legislation, now we are all plagiarists to a lesser or greater degree because we are not detecting which source and material we copy from parents, friends, and books. And as we saw in the text on the Hamurabi code and the Mosáicas laws, we see that it is totally normal to use portions of popularly accepted concepts.

Text 19 quotes ( Christ, original ), text 18 does not quote and quotes ( Jesus ), text 19 follows the order ( not borrowed, not derived ), while text 18 reverses ( not derived, not borrowed ), see that what we are seeing is not plagiarism it is just an aggregate idea, as we all do, we add concepts that are not ours. What's more, even the organization of this study in numbered forms for quotes, is just a way that men decide to do in citing what they remember from read texts, so that others try to read as you read, but this is not a scriptural rule, they are rules set by men.

When analyzing the context embedded in 18, we found a focus on baptism and on the life that is in us, while text 19 is embedded in the story of Marta and the resurrection of Lazarus, different scenarios with directions of focus one for life in formation 18 and another of life in the resurrection 19 .


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