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The allusion to the first angel in Ellen's writings is restricted to the text contained in the book of Revelations 14: 6-7 1 . In this text we find the eternal gospel, and it refers to the term " Fear God, and give him glory; for the hour of his judgment has come ", and in this term we find " the hour has come ", as the term is ancient can generate doubt about the tense of the verb, which we find updated in NIV 2 which states that " because the time has come for your judgment " 2 , therefore the verb is in the present of the sentence, describing that the judgment occurs at the moment the angel pronounces , so one must determine the time when the angel pronounces and thus determine when the judgment begins, "for the hour of his judgment has come " 2 at the moment the angel pronounces seeing the verb to be in the present.

It must be kept in mind that the form written on the verse of the Bible defines that this angel is prior to the second and third angels, so the " time for your judgment " 2 is in some period prior to these.

In Ellen's testimonies it is said that this message from the angel was initiated at the opening of the judgment as quoted in the text, in the studies based on the verse referring to two thousand three hundred afternoons and mornings, the judgment was reached around 1844. Thus the message contained in the verse of Revelations 14: 6-7 1 were accepted as the text quotes " the time of your judgment has come " 2 . 

In the text quoted in 3 we find that Adventist believers preached the message of the first angel, preach the message of the first angel. In the text quoted in 4 he mentions that the message of the third angel must be preached, and it refers that the message the first angel came with power. In the text quoted in 5 we find the bases for the functioning of the investigative judgment, since the verse quotes " the time for your judgment has arrived " 2 as the angel's message as present time.

Quoted in text 6, an angel flying with the message is mentioned , and in 7 we find reference to the preaching of the first message by " Guilherme Miller and his co-workers ", therefore not being the description of a denomination, and only the influence of the preaching of a message, then text 8 develops the linear analysis between the earthly sanctuary and the heavenly sanctuary contained in the book of Hebrews, and quotes that " the time of his judgment has come " 2 is determined by Christ's priestly work system in the heavenly sanctuary contained in the book of Hebrews, in which Paul links the forms of work of the earthly ritual, as shadows of the celestial still in 8 we found that the error was not based on the sanctuary ritual, but on purely personal concepts.

It is found in text 9 the determination that the message of the first angel was sent to the church so that it could separate itself from the customs of the world, and awaken and see its worldliness and apostasy, and defines that if the message had been accepted in the church , it would meet the power of apostolic times.

In 10 we find the consequence of not accepting the first angel's message. Recalling that the term is " the time has come for your judgment " 2 by not paying attention to this term, the churches continued to do what they did and did not seek a reform of their customs, linked to worldliness, in the construction of the texts of Ellen's testimonies , we find linearity in the change of life, in disconnecting from worldliness and apostasy, and in these terms that " Untied the messenger of grace ", the problem of the churches is not related to the characteristic of Christ's coming in those days, but in worldliness and apostasy that existed, and so the churches were lost due to these problems, the text in 11exemplifies the case for keeping the commandments, and that therefore the churches would be lost since they did not obey this warning term, that is, without being afraid of the judgment of God, they are not concerned with his law, and thus remain connected to worldliness . In text 13 we find that any church is lost when it does not accept the first angel's message since the second is a condemnation and not a call for those who did not accept the first message, to reject the first message falls in condemnation of the second.

In 12 we see that the first angel is not a church, but a warning to the churches.

In the text in 14 we find the analysis of the non-acceptance of the first message, which refers to the change of life, and disconnection from worldliness, refers to the prudent and foolish virgins related to the churches, and to reject the first angelic message falls in not benefiting in the second, and disowning the first and the second, they cannot see the path of the most holy contained in the third.

it is stated that the first message is closely linked to the commandments of God and his obedience as contained in text 15 and therefore the non-acceptance of the first message is therefore the non-acceptance of the commandments of God, and thus falls into condemnation, the first message was in reality the rebirth of God's commandments that had been so long adulterated and forgotten.

A simplistic view of what the first, second and third angelic message is would determine errors about your real alert point. In text 16 we find an allusion about the systematic and profound search to know such messages, and their consequences.

Due to the lack of correct acceptance of God's commandments, angelic messages cannot be understood as mentioned in 17 , such messages are applied to people who must be " purified, and whitened, and tested ", meanwhile those who do not understand such messages are described as " none of the wicked will understand ", therefore it is linked that the wicked do not understand such messages, so to leave the class of the wicked it is sufficient to understand the angelic messages, since " none of the wicked will understand ", and that is why there are so many strands against such messages, since the wicked do not understand.



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