Examine text by text separately and then add information about information

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2.1.1. Examine text by text separately and then add information about information Construction Rule

When building a building we have several phases the first phase is to analyze the materials we are going to work on, for example when looking at a brick, we should only look at the characteristics of the brick, not being a time to analyze what color the water box is, we must therefore analyze just the brick only in its characteristics. View Text Only

When observing a text, we should only take information from it, without taking into account any other text. Rule of instant forgetfulness.

When looking at a text to be interpreted, you must forget all the others , and analyze only what you are reading, as if you only knew the text in question. Do not add anything to the text.

Reading a text, nothing can be added to its content, nor can anything be understood, or the text says clearly, or does not say, thus seeing strictly what it says, and cannot have a subjective analysis. Do not use inference to explain texts.

    Inference. it is an indirect connection between subjects. it is an illusion or deduction. We must only walk in a clear "so says the Lord". Translations

2.1. 1.3.1. Origins

    The best versions are the Hebrew and Greek originals, but due to their difficulty in working directly with these languages ​​we use translations, which are not as good as the original ones, but we can have a good understanding with the analysis of the translations.

2.1. 1.3.2. Translations

    So that the word of God could go to all parts of the world and become popular, it would be impossible for it to be so using the original languages, so people who knew the original languages, would translate the word of God into the language of several countries.

    We must keep in mind that translators are not prophets, nor is there any basis for saying that translators are inspired people.

    Those who were inspired are those who wrote the originals.

    We often have to analyze some differences between translations and try to choose the best translation.

    Sometimes only the originals can show us the best translation of the verse.

2.1. 1.3.3. Portuguese versions

    In Brazil, we usually use three translations, updated Almeida, revised and revised Almeida, and New Translation in Today's Language.

    Great care must be taken to use only one translation as a basis. The bible in today's language is easy to understand, this is because complex pieces of biblical texts are simply, deleted and erased. And often prophetic texts are left without the correct interpretation, because of the lack of these same complex pieces that were erased.

2.1. 1.3.4. English versions

    There are several English versions, the most used is King James, and this is the version that Ellen White used in her studies, and her biblical comments are taken from the King James version.

    If you know the English language it is good to use this version with the Portuguese versions.

2.1. 1.3.5. Other versions

    There are many other versions, including the Latin Vulgate, produced from the originals to Latin, the oldest versions are from the Latin Vulgate.

    But we must emphasize that the originals are better than the Latin vulgate, even the vulgate has some irregularities.

2.1. 1.3.6. Choose the best materials.

    As in a construction the best materials are chosen, in this case we must choose the best texts for the best construction of a Bible study. Deepen the studied topic.

    If you take upon yourself the sacred responsibility of teaching others , you have a duty to get to the heart of the subject that you seek to teach .... you present your students with a subject of the Word of God, you must clarify the reason for your faith in such a way that your students are convinced of its veracity. You must diligently examine and compare the evidence of the Word of God in the messages He has sent to the church, so that you may know what the truth is and be able to guide those who trust in you on the path of righteousness. CSES 31

    There are no frivolous or superficial interpretations of Scripture, but be prepared to get to the heart of the matter. Testimonies on Sabbath School Work, p. 110 and 111. CSES 182


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