Unmasking pseudo-Christians against defenders of God's commandments

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One of the most generated concepts in Christian idealism is the need to obey the ten commandments written by the finger of God, or to ignore it for the sake of grace. While the topic may acquire several text analyzes, some idealize dogmas and no matter what is said, they do not analyze anything that is contrary to their dogmas.

These are pseudo-Christians. A true Christian has the characteristic of considering that he can be wrong in his positions whatever he is. But it does not change them without analyzing all the concepts and fundamentals pertinent to it.

The pseudo-Christian determines a dogma and for him no matter what the proof is if it is against his dogma he says that the proof is wrong.

How it happens. Let's take an example. Let's imagine two texts that are below.

1- Tia_2: 24 You see then that it is by works that man is justified, and not only by faith.
2- Rom_3: 28 therefore we conclude that man is justified by faith without the works of the law.

Now we have two verses that in themselves seem contrary to each other. A pseudo-Christian linked to dogmatic idealisms of grace, determines the second as correct and ignores the first.

Such an action is not of a true Christian, since such a person ignored the first verse. When struggling with a pseudo-Christian and showing the first verse, he only presents the second. Such an action is irrational. A true Christian would analyze the first verse and define a union with the texts.

Thus, the pseudo-Christian does not seek to fully analyze the texts and seek a rational analysis of the fundamentals among them, the pseudo-Christian, makes a collection of texts, pre-dogmatized and from these ignores any other text that does not suit dogma of the pseudo-Christian.

Another tool of a pseudo-Christian when cornered with texts that show that he is wrong, is to determine that he the pseudo-Christian, possesses the holy spirit, and that he knows what is true and that what the texts contrary to his idea does not have the capacity to teach him, because such a pseudo-Christian has the holy spirit that is beyond any understanding.

The question is, if such a pseudo-Christian fails to show where the texts are in accordance with his idea, then the supposed holy spirit that he claims to have, has a lack of knowledge to teach. It would be a holy spirit with low intellectual capacity. The act of believing in a holy spirit that fails to analyze the Bible's own texts is rationally an irrational idea, if it does not determine that it is a "crazy idealism".

So if when a study is presented and the other says that study is false, but does not show rational and textual foundations, and determines that he has the holy spirit, then that person is a pseudo-Christian, who has or follows a supposed spirit with low intellectual capacity.

The veil.

Another issue for pseudo-Christians is the action of using this text.

2Co 3:15 yes, to this day, whenever Moses is read, a veil is placed over their hearts.

This is a reference for Jews who did not accept Christ. Not because they didn't see the reasons for accepting Christ, but because they weren't willing.

When in a conversation that a pseudo-Christian fails to show theological texts and concepts that are correct, and someone else shows them correct concepts contrary to the idea of ​​the pseudo-Christian, the pseudo-Christian says that what showed logic has a veil and can't see. Now again a factor of dogma of the pseudo-Christian. Since if Jesus himself said something contrary to the pseudo-Christian, just say that Jesus has a veil and cannot see, and the conversation is over. Therefore, we have that the pseudo-Christian, does not use logic that the use of logic is against his preconceived ideas.


Using all of the above factors the pseudo-Christian, he begins to distill every type of judgment and condemnation he can imagine, from the breed of vipers to the children of the evil pseudo-Christian, distilling his lack of knowledge in condemning the other. On average, such action is caught in a trap. If the one who used reason starts using the same tools as the pseudo-Christian, then sooner or later the pseudo-Christian will define what he used reason is acting as an accuser, which the same pseudo-Christian also used. And the conversation starts to clash and the subject gets out of focus.

So the treatment for a pseudo-Christian, is not to act on the same tools of personal attack that the pseudo-Christian does, but with the logic and profusion of biblical foundations. And logics founded on rational theology. The true Christian is a sage and talks with wisdom in all matters, with patience and thorough analysis of the texts and subjects involved.

A true Christian analyzes all the texts, analyzes the fundamentals that people lay down and sees if there is a validity, if there is validity, he accepts, if the Christian does not analyze the fundamentals presented and shows in detail why these fundamentals are not correct, he does not consider that anyone has no ability to understand, it just shows the way and shows the logic of the error. A true Christian never covers his ears, but analyzes until the topic is extensively analyzed, and concluded.

A key factor in finding a pseudo-Christian, is to place a text that goes against his ideology, and he does not examine the text, just throw another text that seems contrary to what was exposed. First, if a text is contrary to my ideology, I must analyze this text in detail to see what it is talking about, and only after thoroughly analyzing all the factors that the verse generates in the different biblical contexts. A true Christian is a true student of the word of God. Without failing to apply the conclusions in a practical way in your life.


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