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Is it possible to do the right thing without believing in God? Yes, it is possible, as long as the person does not think much about it. Why should I do the right thing, if life is going to end?
For example, imagine that a man gets rich by destroying nature, we know that the destruction of nature is not correct, but that individual did several pleasant things at the expense of the destruction of nature. And after a while he died. The damage fell on the next generations. But what is the cost to him? None, after he died, nothing has changed for him.
Which would determine that he did not suffer the consequences of his actions. But is the universe a system of generating awards for those who do wrong? A careful analysis of the laws of physics, clearly demonstrates that the error is automatically paid for with the failure. For example, if you build a plane the wrong way, it just doesn't fly. A space shuttle error once occurred, and it automatically exploded.
The universe has a direction that error generates failure. This is because the laws are fixed, they are exact, and they determine factors for things to happen. But then why did the nature-destroying man get a bonus? Why human laws are not governed by right and wrong, but by the opinion of people. So when physical laws are violated to the point of causing great harm, at that point people's opinions change, because the force of the violated nature overcomes human arrogance. The very act of thinking that arrogance exists, against physical laws, already demonstrates that God exists. It seems somewhat controversial, but it is extremely logical. It is necessary to have a destabilizing effect, so that a being coming from a universe governed by immutable physical laws, generates systems contrary to the very law that formed it.
To facilitate the understanding, it would be like in a medium that only has black, white appears. Where did this white color come from if there was only black? So in organized laws, especially in organized biological systems, it would be rational for more organized systems to be managed in more organized ecosystems, but man destroys his own habitat, containing the greatest intellectual capacity of all organisms.
So doing the right thing involves believing in God, as it is necessary for man to understand that there is something superior to his existence, and that he controls the system. If that were not true, the laws would not define an exact path. And if the man in the sum of the actions generates the destruction of the environment that is the system that keeps the man alive. It would determine that man naturally has a problem linked to his mind. For if there were not, the sum of human actions would not generate the destruction of nature.
It is logical that it is not only nature, the sum of human actions, that generated wars, like the first and second great wars, destroyed entire cities, like Hiroshima and Nagasaqui, without excuses, and this is still accepted in the sum of the action worldwide. Thus, a careful analysis in human history, defines that man has a serious problem in the sum of general actions. What does it show that man without believing in God cannot in the sum of actions do the right thing.
But can we see in history several religious men who have committed atrocities? Yes, we can see that and many times. But a careful analysis of the case, and we see that such men put themselves in the position of God, and not in the position of obeying God. For example, if Galileo Galilei defines by rational means that the sun is the center of the solar system, then if a religious group determines that it is not, it is not God that has determined that it is not, but the people who have positioned themselves as god, and have defined that Galileo was wrong. For a universe created by God would follow the rules observed by Galileo, and not by the arrogant positions of people who said they were religious.
So it is not believing in God that makes man evil, it is believing that if he is god, it is that it makes man evil. A man who destroys nature claims to be a god because he thinks he can do what he wants. And that is the main problem, men who claim to be god, both not being religious, but being religious. An atheist, defines that he is god, because he says that God does not exist. How can a man know the whole universe, and everywhere, in order to say that God does not exist? Only if he considers himself god. And that is the foundation of all errors, the inherent will to be a god.
Only when man seeks to know the will of God, does he begin the path of not being evil. Thus, man without accepting the existence of God, cannot do good, if he thinks carefully about the sum of all men, with the same ideology.


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