The period of least love

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We can see in the text of Matthew 24:12 that in the last days because of iniquity the love of almost everyone will grow cold. Sometimes we may think that we do not live today, in periods like the barbarians, when there were wars, and people killed each other.
But are we better than them? We have to note that many deny science and end up dying from diseases, which could be prevented. Others destroy nature, favoring difficulties for the whole world and causing natural tragedies as a consequence. And people who die are coldly regarded as mere numbers on a data sheet.
With each passing day, more and more people care more about themselves than about the next. New generations are educated, that all things are for them, and adults grow up looking for what for themselves, and not helping others. As a result, personal indifference increases, human relationships are restricted to the mere pleasure system. Feelings like kindness, love, altruism are no longer known.
The new society grows linked to machines, which generate pleasures, but physical contact, and emotional contact, linked to empathy is not formed. People are trained, looking only at themselves, and fighting only for themselves. This is the form of the society that is being formed. A society of machines that work for pleasure. And that is clearly what Jesus' prophecy says.
It is clearly seen, that society is increasingly indifferent to others, and they only fight when their difficulties are reduced. A society that has the great "I" as a flag of existence. A society in which religion is in decline, and knowledge in the same way. Society generates large niches of false knowledge, which only favor the group that created them, to manage excuses for their way of life.
For those who look at history, and think we are better. Observe even if we are better, or if humanity is ceasing to be human, to be artificial.


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