Errors of the novel Gênesis: the fruit that only works in Adam and Cain

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When watching the novel, we see that the authors created a blue fruit, somewhat similar to a plastic object. If we read Genesis 3: 6, we see that the Bible says that the fruit was desirable to eat, but it seems somewhat difficult to want to eat such a blue fruit, created by the novel.
But that is not the big problem. The problem is that the fruit of the science of good and evil, seems to only affect Adam, and men. In fact, Eva becomes a better person by eating the fruit. In fact, a good look at the novel, and it seems that God already makes man with instincts for evil, to do evil for Eve.
This is called an ideological effect. The ideological effect, is to put on a fact, an altered position, of the writer's ideology. This becomes a big problem for groups of the same ideology. Such people would eventually define that God is partialistic, and manages one class to be over the other. If we read the verse in Galatians 3:28, it says that there is no man or woman, Jew or Greek, slave or free, says that all who are of God are one in Christ.
But when we put ideologies into the scriptures, we end up defining that the creator of all things, was the producer of a meaning of people, or groups of people. But if we read in Romans 2: 1 we see that God is no respecter of persons.
So idealizing, or building an ideological focus, on biblical concepts, in which the fruit has a different effect between man and woman, is to end up generating groups contrary to God, for what he did not do. But it was created ideologically to generate in the minds of individuals, that God respects people.
In this sense, a person who watches the soap opera can idealize that God is not favorable to one class of people, and favorable to others, and thus does not accept God. The soap opera should match the effects of the forbidden fruit, and not play an ideological game, of specific groups. The group that created such a plot may think that it is attacking a group, but in the end it is attacking God Himself, defining that this is a respecter of people.


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