The fruit of life: To be immortal or to have immortality?

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Many people seek a very unrealistic view in relation to biblical concepts. But they aren't. The bible has in its foundations, an extremely realistic action. And that starts at the very beginning of the Bible and stays in all the foundations of Scripture.
The fruit of life is a clear example of this. We can read a clear verse in Scripture in Genesis 3:22 that says:
Then said the Lord God: "Now man has become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not therefore be allowed to take of the fruit of the tree of life and eat it, and live forever ".
Let's read and fully understand this verse, and note that several religions would be completely against it, as they generate a system of eternal life, outside the biblical system and generate an extremely mystical idea.
In the verse it says that the man after eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, began to know good and evil, which would be really logical, if the name of the tree was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
In this way the tree of life would generate life, which would also be the logical sense. But in the verse God says that if man ate the fruit of life he would live forever. See, this idea comes from a logical system. When we eat fruits, vegetables, and any food, we get nutrients in our bodies to survive, and this is extremely natural and real.
If we thoroughly examine the bodies of living beings, we will notice that death proves a value in the genetic code. So if we compare living beings, each species has a specific lifetime. Dogs live for one time, cats, parrots for another, and there are still eternal beings, such as Hydras, in which their cells are exchanged and the animal never dies.
But the most interesting animal in this group is the jellyfish, "turritopsis dohrnii", this animal has the characteristic of rejuvenating, and arriving in a rejuvenating phase, returning to the aging phase again, without ever dying.
Doesn't it sound very similar to the question of the biblical verse we read? A man ages, eats the fruit of life and rejuvenates, and this cycle is always taking place.
The fruit has the function of feeding, but then again man needs the fruit again. See we have a reality feature. And in the verse defines that God Himself said that by eating the fruit they would live forever.
But let's go now to the end of the scriptures, in the book of Revelation 22:2 we can read:
in the middle of the main street in the city. On either side of the river was the tree of life, which gives twelve harvests, bearing fruit every month. The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.
Here the verse is talking about the holy city, and it says that the Tree of Life is in the middle of the main street of the city, and it bears fruit every month and the leaves are for the healing of the nations.
Having the concept of the functioning of plants and food, and the characteristic of immortal animals, we see an extremely large foundation, that eternal life, and the heavenly systems, are governed in a real way, not mystical.
So that the fruit of life has the natural function of giving life. And on the back, he still mentions the leaves as a curative system.
All this analysis clearly demonstrates that what God defined in Genesis as true, that if man ate of the tree of life he would live eternally.
It must be understood that this eternal living is not immortality. Immortality is the impossibility of dying. The concept of living forever is only if someone or something doesn't kill. Living water lives forever if someone doesn't kill it. We can read something similar in the first verse James 6:16, and in it we can read:
The One who is immortal and dwells in Unapproachable Light, whom no one has seen nor can see. To Him be honor and power forever. Amen.
What we see here is that we have the only one who has immortality, and in that sense it is the impossibility of dying. The Greek term would define that even if such a Being wished to die this would be impossible, in a way it would be impossible even to wish to die.
Thus, beings with eternal life are not immortal, they are still mortal, but they live eternally in connection with the only one who has immortality. Without this connection the being dies, while the immortal remains immortal, as it does not depend on any other being.
Thus, the concept of eternal life, and the concept of the Tree of good and evil, are physical concepts, linked to realistic logics, with even real demonstrations of beings like the Hydra and the living water that do not die.
But clearly many people will choose not to accept it, merely because the acceptance of a higher entity refers to the ideological core for that higher entity, which would be a theocentrism, but individuals seek anthropocentrism, so that their personal wills are not prohibited, or nullified. At the end of the question, there is only the rational and logical choice between choosing the absolute truth, or the illusion of the relative truth of each one, with the right to suffer the physical consequences of trying to violate natural norms, trying to impose imaginations, on the immutable reality .


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