Revelations 1:1-8 - Introduction

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In this series we will study verse by verse, each part of the revelations of the apocalypse.
This book is considered mysterious by many, and often ignored by the majority.
But it is a book that defines about the revelations of the future, or the realities of the present.
In the initial text we can read.
Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants the things that are soon to happen and which he, sending through his angel, notified his servant John,
which attested to the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ, as to all that he saw.
Blessed are those who read and those who hear the words of prophecy and keep the things written on it, for the time is at hand.
What we can see is that the book should not be called apocalypse, but rather revelations, because such a book is the revelations of Jesus Christ. And that this book was linked so that it could be shown to the servants. Which justifies the difficult language in which the book was written. It was written for the servants to understand. Even the revelation of Jesus was sent by an angel to John.
John quoted here is the disciple John, called the beloved disciple. According to tradition, the only apostle who died naturally.
So he, who lived with Jesus Christ on earth, defines that he witnessed all things, and places himself as a witness.
João defines that those who hear or read the prophecies, and keep what she quotes, will be graced, because the time is near.
In this phase we have João on the island of Patmos. Placed there as in a prison, because according to tradition, João was sentenced to be killed by throwing in boiling oil, but he did not die, and thus failing to kill João, he launched João on the island of Patmos.
And on this island he receives the message of Jesus Christ through the angel.
Knowing that it is blessed, whoever listens and reads, we must also understand what is written in that book.
We can continue reading.
John, to the seven churches that are in Asia, grace and peace to you others, from the one who is, who was and who is to come, from the seven Spirits who are before his throne
John is sending the book to the churches in Asia, and these churches would be the group that would multiply the book to pass on to others. Defining that grace and peace is sent from him who is to come, that is, the second coming of Christ. And on the part of the seven Spirits who are before the throne of their throne. The big question then would be, what would the seven Spirits be?
According to the verses that we will see, the seven spirits are seven fires, and they are the eyes of God. And they are the Spirits of God. In this way the Seven Spirits are the presence of God on Earth, being representatives of Him.
João continues.
and on the part of Jesus Christ, the Faithful Witness, the Firstborn of the dead and the Sovereign of the kings of the earth. To him who loves us, and, by his blood, has delivered us from our sins,
John defines that Jesus is the faithful witness, and that through death he freed his servants from their sins, and still says.
and he made us a kingdom, priests for his God and Father, glory and dominion to him for ever and ever. Amen!
Quoting that his servants will be priests, for his eternal kingdom. If we go to Daniel's prophecies, we have the stone that destroys the statue, and this forms a kingdom that will never end. This is the kingdom in which John mentions that his servants will be constituted as priests. And keeps going.
Behold, it comes with the clouds, and every eye will see it, even those who pierced it. And all the tribes of the earth will mourn over him. Certainly. Amen!
I am Alpha and Omega, says the Lord God, who is, who was and who is to come, the Almighty.
At that moment John reaffirms the second coming of Christ, and places what the Lord God says, and what is to come. So in the revelation of Jesus we have to confirm his coming. It is therefore necessary to understand that in this initial foundation, this is the real acceptance that Jesus will come. So we can see that the Lord God is emphatic that he will come, and so up to that point in the book. Thus acceptance of the second coming of Christ is a necessary foundation for continuing to accept the rest of the book.


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