Falling Religion

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We can see the fall of Christianity in the world, especially the Catholic Church. The number of performances has been greatly reduced, in terms of income factors. Thus, countries with higher incomes, have reduced their religious system.
Countries like Brazil, with a Catholic background, have shown a steep decline. But Brazil was still determined to be the country with the greatest freedom of religion, among the 25 most populous countries. Among the most restricted, we have China, Iran and Egypt.
What we have clearly is that religion tends to be reduced with the restrictions, and the strong public indoctrination, that religion is a false, meaningless system. Whether in school classes or in public institutions.
And who is right? Who is right, we cannot prove, but we can prove who is wrong. Science cannot prove that God does not exist, so they could not define that a universe with God is false.
Normally, when asking a scientist, he in theory defines not to get involved with religion, but in practice, in questioning himself, this is the opposite.
In this system we have an unjust system, because in education, teachers can define that the universe does not have God, but you cannot have teachers who defend the existence of God.
In fact, if childhood education is mandatory, in the model of religious annulment, however, education about the existence of God is not mandatory.
If the science taught in schools were just what we tested in the laboratory, that would be correct, because you cannot put God in a laboratory.
But there is no evolution of species in the laboratory, nor is a universe created in the laboratory. Thus, if at school you teach things that cannot be proved in the laboratory, then if it is unfair, in not teaching about God, which is also not proven in the laboratory.
Thus, mathematics, physics, and biology, in what can be proved in the laboratory, are at a different level from religion, but deductions in distant space, or in extremely remote times, are outside the practical domain of the human being, and such are in the same situation as religious beliefs. But they are irrationally placed in different positions.
It used to be defined that the Earth's magnetic field was 4.5 billion years old, now it is estimated 1.5 billion, this shows that the variability of the belief of the values ​​is high, and it is not even known if other factors may be linked, the that could change dating even further. Which clearly shows that you are part of a belief, because you cannot create a planet Earth, in a laboratory, with time and controlled factors.
We can observe, for example, the growth of people who declare themselves non-religious in the United States, increasing greatly, while those who declare themselves religious, tend to decrease.
In any case, this system tends to reduce religious belief. So it is an unjust and dangerous factor. For in the existence of God, the political system would tend to undermine and eradicate benefits from believing in the existence of God.


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