The truth without proof

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Currently, the plastered system of education manages that information is considered to be true without the need for evidence.
This has occurred since the early days of early childhood education. Teachers are the holders of the truth, and what they say must be accepted as correct without the need for proof, or the contradiction.
This education that has been used for many years, makes each adult individual consider that the truth is dependent only on my taste, because he speaks.
There is no need to analyze the materials and doubt the speaker, as long as he is accepted by the taste of what he hears.
And he who is not accepted by taste, no matter what he says, will automatically be defined as false.
This is an error remitted since early childhood education. Teachers do not define the contradictory to their own ideologies, and so the child does not learn to question from different information.
In this way, society is bound to information, which does not need proof of veracity, only the acceptance of the individual who pronounces it.
The truth in society should be linked to details of facts, but this type of system could only occur if society was educated since childhood to analyze the contradictory.
But that did not happen. And so society is more and more tied to people, not facts.
The consideration of a truth without proof, merely the ideology of credibility to a popular individual. And this education is continued, because the generation group that will enter adulthood, obtained the same education without the analysis of the contradictory.
As with the decentralized social system, in several characters that polarize groups, it does not have a democratic majority system, because the ideas of importance are decentralized and divergent.
We must understand that the change in concepts of acceptance of truth for each individual, it is necessary to be obtained in the infantile ages, and not in the adult system, after adaptations to learning vices.
In adulthood, we can have a social change in the basic concepts of each individual, in the very weak form, and most of the time it doesn't even occur.
But in the childhood phase, we have the construction of the formation of values, and methods of knowing what is around.
What we have, therefore, is that the new generations will have a system of accepting information as truth, even worse than past generations.
And as long as the educational system does not change, to search for evidence and logical analysis of information, to determine in a rational way, what is the truth. This way of accepting information as truth, because of the speaker, will continue to exist.
In fact, this is becoming a cycle, and it is not seen that this will be changed in world education.



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