Dental plaque formation and the individual's health.

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The overall health of an individual takes into account several factors, including oral health. But oral health is also associated with preventive hygiene actions, which also define a portion of an individual's overall health.

  • The search for reduction of pathogenic bacteria.
  • Brush your teeth and oral hygiene in general.
  • Health care to preserve correct salivation.

These are factors that determine both the individual's health in the oral system, as well as determining a habit factor that helps the individual's overall health.

Reducing the time of the oral fermentation force, trying to eliminate the food that remains in the mouth, helps in oral health and mainly in the reduction of bacteria that can harm the dentition.

The food that remains has carbohydrate, which helps in the formation of biofilm, which is a set of microorganisms entangled in an organic polymer matrix that are attached to a surface. A set of pathogen microorganisms causes damage to global health.

Streptococcus mutans that is part of Gram-positive bacteria, which is of the lactic acid order, is a bacterium that is common in the human mouth and is the main factor in the development of cavities due to its acidogenic and aciduric capacity. They are usually transmitted by the mother. Being resistant to low PH, it ferments sugars and alcohols, generates carboxylic acid and dissolves enamel and dentin. Produces insoluble polysaccharides, increases plaque adherence, and biofilm formation.

Normally the bacteria remain in the oral region, if there is an increase in bacteria, favoring surface adhesins of the SpaP adhesin family, also called antigens I and II, and glucan-binding proteins favoring the formation of a cariogenic biofilm, in adherence occurs proliferation, releasing peptides with bacteriostatic action, Streptococcus mutans, is concentrated in the region, and acid release demineralizes the tooth and forms a cavity.

Summing up:

  1. Healthy tooth
  2. Biofilm formation
  3. Dietary sugars plus bacteria in biofilm
  4. Acid release
  5. Demineralization, loss of calcium and phosphate
  6. Caries and cavity formation

These steps reduce the individual's perception of global health, culminating in pain, fever, reduced quality of life and complications related to the inflammation that can be generated.

In the formation of inflammation we can have the following steps:

  1. Formation of dental plaque or biofilm;
  2. Bacteria concentration;
  3. Attraction of polymorphonuclear leukocytes and other antigen presenting cells, reaction against bacteria;
  4. Release of inflammatory cytokines, production of reactive oxygen species (in addition to enzymes and defensins);
  5. Oxidative stress;
  6. Inflammatory cascade, from the activation of nuclear receptors;
  7. Compromise of healthy tissues (reactive species are not specific).

The reduction of oral health is linked to several factors that harm global health.

  • Increased difficulty in chewing;
  • Reduction of the contact area between food and saliva;
  • Increased oral inflammation;
  • Constant activation of the immune system;
  • Increased possibility of serious complications;
  • Reduced self-esteem, possibility of aggravating other psychological problems.

It is necessary to know that in aging, there is a facilitation in the reduction of oral health and specific care must be taken in this range of life.



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