Enteral Nutrition

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Enteral Nutrition: food for special purposes, with controlled intake of nutrients, in isolated or combined form, of defined or estimated composition, specially formulated and elaborated for use by probes or orally, industrialized or not, used exclusively or partially to replace or complement oral feeding in malnourished or not malnourished patients, according to their nutritional needs, in hospital, outpatient or home care, aiming at the synthesis or maintenance of tissues, organs or systems. ANVISA 2000
Usually used for the following factors:
1. Risk of malnutrition
When the patient has oral intake two thirds to three quarters of the daily nutritional needs;
2. Totally or partially functioning digestive tract
Some diseases can cause problems in the digestive tract.
3. Need to use for at least 5 to 7 days or fasting for more than 3 days in critically ill patients.
In periods of postoperative fasting, it may be necessary for the digestive tract to become accustomed.
Some indications for adults are:
Main indications for enteral nutritional therapy for adults:
* Food intake less than 60%
* Malabsorption, food allergy;
* Metabolic abnormalities in the intestine;
* Cancer;
* Anorexia nervosa, depression;
* Malnourished in pre-op for medium and large surgery
* Critical, hypermetabolic;
* Burn, severe infection, extensive trauma
* Chronic intestinal obstruction;
* Digestive fistula;
* Short bowel syndrome;
* Paralytic ileus;
* Pancreatitis, enteritis by chemotherapy or radiation therapy;
* Lesion of face or jaw;
* Mouth cancer, hypopharynx, esophageal surgery;
* Injuries to the central nervous system;
Mechanical obstruction and intestinal ischemia
Intense gastroesophageal reflux
severe diarrhea Severe
bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract Intestinal
High-flow fistula
Paralytic ileus
Hemodynamic instability
severe acute pancreatitis



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