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The first idea is, what did antiquity know about space? Or the universe?

The correct answer is that such people only knew what they saw, so when a man from Babylon looked at the sky he saw only lights and a black background. And from there I tried to imagine what I didn't know.

Knowledge of space involves knowledge of gravity, understanding the distances between the sun, the earth and the moon, understanding the tide and many other things. So should we ask ourselves if the Bible is a scientific book? If it had been a scientific book, God would have taught gunpowder to the Hebrews, and no one would have been able to beat the Hebrews with the firearm while people used arrows and spears. God could give only a hint of joining carbon with iron and inventing steel, so that the swords and spears of the Hebrews would break the bronze and iron shields and swords of the time.

So we have to, the Bible was not a compendium of scientific evolution for the Hebrews. The bible is not a scientific compendium that defines chemical compounds and their performance. We can see for example the verse rev 7: 1 quotes the 4 corners of the Earth. The basic question is, does the Earth have corners?

But we can still read in Isa 40:22 that God sits on the globe or dome or roundness, in fact the term is the Hebrew with number H2329 which defines something like a circle, referring to the Earth. But rev 7: 1   rev 20: 8 speaks of songs and isa 40:22 of a circle, so does a circle have points?

And yet we have another verse: Job 26: 7, in which he mentions that God places the earth on nothing or on empty space. Could it be, therefore, the prophet's vision of city space?

See in that case, the defenders of the flat Earth would have to choose from a flat square or rectangular Earth, or a flat round earth. If it is round, they would have to say that the Bible lies in saying that it has corners, and if it chooses the one that has corners, it would have to deny the round. In addition, Isaiah manages the idea of ​​a circular earth with a dome or circumference and Job concerning a space.

So flat Earth, square Earth, circular Earth, or spherical is no analysis at all to say that the Bible cites what Earth looks like from space. The bible is not a scientific book.

For example, in Job 26: 7 it talks about the Earth about nothing, and that nothing is that? Just read an earlier verse, in Job 26: 6 , it says that nothing conceals Sheol's destruction. The word nothing quoted here is the Hebrew H369 , it defines nothing at all. Outer space is nothing, they are composed of stars, planets and galaxies. And Sheol is the place of the dead.

Therefore, to use the verse in Job 26: 6 to say that the Earth is suspended in outer space would be the same as saying that the dead are hidden in space. But if we read an earlier verse Job 26: 5 we have that the dead are under water. And now the idea of ​​outer space is totally broken. In fact the biblical concept is that the dead are in the depths of the earth, in a dark place. And men buried, or killed, turn to dust and go to land. And there is the concept of the dead. The Sheol or place of the dead is the place where Satan is said to be, and there the abyss is said and the abyss is the great sea joh 2: 5 .

In the verse of Job 26: 7 it says that heaven is over empty space, the Hebrew term is H8414 , and it is not the term for anything. For the desert is considered empty, but it is nothing. And in fact the sky said to be separated from the empty space, could never be the nothingness that would be the sky, or we would have to say that the nothingness is over the empty space. For heaven would be the nothingness on which the earth is suspended, that is, heaven is not nothing.

Thus, the bible does not say whether the Earth is flat, spherical, square, whether it is in outer space, or any other scientific circumstance. Whoever wants to do this will have to destroy several biblical texts, or at least pretend that they do not exist. In fact, the concept described in Job is that there is heaven above, earth in between, and the world of the dead below. Many people use a Hebrew sketch to prove their flat Earth ideas, but the fact is that the Bible does not define what is beyond.

We use science because the Bible doesn't say anything about the Earth beyond. In fact, the sky remains above, the earth remains earth, and the dead remain on earth, or in the depths. What goes beyond this are people who try to deceive, to say that the bible says the earth is flat, and others who say that the bible says that the earth is spherical. Both, one and the other, seek debates that the Bible does not support.

Many people also want to mix the biblical historical concepts with the concepts of other peoples, like the tale of Gilgamesh, or the tale of Atra-asis, you can read the whole story in the link: C622 , and a clear explanation on the subject can be seen at link C28 . So, we have to have two characteristics, the reports of other peoples are full of mysticism. But the biblical writings were written by the view of men with scientific knowledge of the time. It would be a complete lack of rational sense, to think that Moses would have a vision of an astrophysicist, and that Isaiah was a geologist and cartographer.

Regarding the creation of man, many people like to create emotional imaginations of facts. For example, they use that the act of God to take the man of the clay and to form with his hands, defines a concept of involving deeply with the man. This kind of idea is an emotional search for something that is not described.

In the concept of mythologies, man is usually formed by a sexual relationship with the gods, which would be a much deeper concept than making a doll out of clay. The example for demonstrating involvement is in the relationship of man as a living soul, and especially in the sending of Jesus.

Men like Michelangelo sculpted great works, and it is not sculpting, a demonstration of involvement, unless the individual has a problem, and starts talking to the sculptures. The real idea of ​​the construction of man is for the breath of life to be launched. Several biblical analyzes define that this fact is the concept that differentiates men from animals. It is the presence of God as an integral part of man.

On the question of days or thousands of years of the formation of the Earth, we can for example see some concepts. Earth as a rock in space may have been around a long time. But its atmosphere has several factors that would determine that it would be 10 to 6 thousand years old. Like Helium concentration. If it were billions of years old, there would be a lot of helium in the atmosphere, but it doesn't. The oxygen atmosphere could not exist if the concept were that the Earth would have a big protein soup to make life come. So, if I accept evolution I don't accept the atmosphere, and if I accept the atmosphere with its compounds, I don't accept evolution. What would determine that the atmosphere and living beings appeared in a way that could not be random, would have to be addressed.

In fact, the biblical story of Genesis does not refer to an allegorical concept, in fact it is a descriptive system. Not descriptive by a scientist, but by people of the ancient age. We can see the factors that determine that Genesis is descriptive and not allegorical at link C64.

We must understand that the Bible was written by inspired men, and such men wrote out of their knowledge. Moses wrote in Proto-Hebrew, in a Semitic language, derived from Ugaritic. The Bible was not written in the language of God, with divine alphabetical symbols, on pages of heavenly material. The first phase for us to accept the Bible correctly is to understand it in a real and not a mystical way. God has control of the laws, but He made them to organize the universe. And their laws being perfect, they manage the will of the Creator. The most important issue for man is not the scientific system, but the moral system. For great technology or knowledge without morality, only serves to destroy with more force. And the Bible aims to improve the interior of man.


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