Can we forgive sins?

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Many people define themselves as having the power to forgive sins, and usually use the verse from John 20:23 , in which Jesus breathes the Spirit on the disciples and determines that they would have the power to forgive or make sin remain. What we have here is a definite fact to a group, and a determination to such people who received the Holy Spirit, and that we would define that they were obeying the norms coming by the Holy Spirit, that is, whoever forgave or was not the entity through the Spirit Holy.

But how is a person sure that he is being guided by the Holy Spirit? Hundreds or even thousands of people claim to have this power, and almost always such are inveterate sinners, even worse than those they themselves say they are forgiving. They use a fact that Jesus himself breathed on his disciples, to say that they are in the position of the disciples and even though they received the divine breath from Jesus himself. How secure is an individual from meeting another who claims to have this power, is this fact real? According to a detailed reading of the Bible, we have in Jeremiah 17: 5, who is cursed the man who trusts man. Then a man says that he can forgive sins, and the Bible says that man should not be trusted, and then what to do? Are you divine sure that such a man received the divine breath of Jesus personally? And if you have that divine certainty, do you no longer think that your sins have been forgiven? For if you are divine sure, it is a sign that God spoke directly to you. When we read Luke 5:24 we have that Jesus has the authority to forgive sins. Reading Acts 3:19 , we have to repent, our sins will be forgiven.

Could an individual who does not repent be forgiven? Biblically speaking, it could not be forgiven. And could an individual who repented not be forgiven? Biblically speaking, everyone who repents is forgiven. What, then, is the need for a man who says he forgives sins? For if a person does not repent, he cannot have his sin forgiven, and as for the person who has repented, he has already received forgiveness. Thus, the power of men and apostles is to preach on the Word of God, so that men will repent. And when they repent, their sins are forgiven, by the one who is the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world .

So, really no human being except Jesus has the power to forgive sins, because He is the lamb of God! Every man must be humble and not arrogate the power of Jesus to himself. This is not to say that it is impossible for a man to receive this power, as he is directly influenced by the Holy Spirit, but it does define each man that it is extremely dangerous to trust a man, suspecting that he has that power. There are infinitely more deceitful men than there are real ones, and knowing this, it is much safer to repent and talk directly to God, than to look for a supposed man filled with the Holy Spirit.

Already beforehand, if a man says he has this power, it is already a sign that something is wrong, because whoever is guided by the Holy Spirit, does not say what it is, but his real and undeniable works say for themselves. Even if it does, it is still better to talk to Jesus who is the main one, than to subordinates, because Jesus gave us the right to talk directly with him.


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