The letter from the prophet Elijah

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Many want to question that Elijah ascended to heaven, using a letter written to the king, this letter can be seen in second Chronicles 21: 12-15 , in it the text says. "Then a letter from the prophet Elijah came into his hands," reading in every book in the second Chronicles, there is no quote from Elijah except this verse. It does not say that Elijah wrote the letter and it was sent in those days, it only mentions that the letter reached the hands of the King. The Old Testament prophets, when they died, had their death defined in biblical reports, but in the case of Elijah this does not exist .

We see that Elisha, Elijah's disciple has his death notably defined, as we can see in the verse of the second Kings 13: 20-21 , and we still have that a corpse when falling in the tomb of Elisha, ended up resurrecting. This demonstrates Biblical linearity by defining the prominent prophets, who died in the Old Testament. Which again determines that Elijah did not die, and was taken by God, as it says in the second verse of Kings 2: 1 . The letter sent to the king, does not define the time at which it was written, and would be to violate biblical texts, to create a supposed doctrine in a letter that does not know the time, and in a book that does not quote the prophet Elias in any action .

For example Isaiah writes about Cyrus 200 years before, from Cyrus becoming king, we can see this in the verse of Isaiah 44:28 . In fact, reports determine that the text reached Ciro's hands. If the act of such a text reaches Ciro's hands, it determines that whoever wrote it should have written it in those days, then Isaiah should have been almost 300 years old. We can thus see the inconsistencies when trying to create a fact, in speculation, against the plain biblical text.

In other words, we have in Second Kings 2:11 , that Elijah was taken to heaven by a chariot of fire. We have no account of Elijah's death. Elijah appears in the New Testament and is quoted in three gospels, Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Having all these factors clear, using a letter that does not have the date when it was written, and supposing that Elias must have written the letter within a few days of delivery, is a totally desperate conclusion, if we base it on Ciro Isaías 200 years before.

Note that the biblical key defines two clear accounts of the chariot of fire in Second Kings, and three accounts of Elijah's presence in the three gospels. Theologically speaking, using an alleged dating from the letter of Elias, is not grounded to annul the biblical texts, because in Exegese an assumption has no strength to alter the interpretation of a text, let alone five texts. In hermeneutics, on the other hand, the words contained in second Chronicles 21: 12-15 , cannot describe the beginning time of writing, which also cannot cancel in hermeneutics the texts of second Kings 2: 1 , and second Kings 2:11 .

There is no sustainable ground, to define that the letter must be written after Elias ascended to heaven in a chariot of fire. It cannot be accepted either with the use of hermeneutics or exegesis, because the fact defined as support is merely a deduction, a non-mandatory assumption. That is, it is not mandatory that the letter was written in a few days, nor that texts in the Bible are not written in centuries or even millennia before the fact. Which is normal, regarding writings of prophets, and that Elijah was a prophet.


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