The color of Adam

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Adam is a Hebrew term defined by H121 , that term means "red", it would be easy to accept then that Adam was red. But why the term red? What makes Adam red? In Genesis 2: 7 it says that Adam was made of the dust of the earth, but it does not say that man is like clay, as if he were a golem. But man was not made of clay, but we have materials that exist on the earth, which would be very logical.

But then why the color red. First, beneath the skin all humans are red. The characteristic of the blood being circulating, and having its characteristic red color, tends to appear over the light.

When an individual is in the divine presence for a long time, we can observe what happens in the text of Exodus 34: 34-35 , which defines that the face of Moses shone, and so he placed a veil over his face. In this text we can observe that if being in the presence of God makes it shine, then there is a logic in which Adam is the term for the color red.

It is a fact that when one speaks of Angel, one speaks of a star, or source of light. Which again demonstrates that the presence of God causes beings to shine. Using a physical analogy, this glow looks like a radioactivity effect. A body close to another radioactive, acquires this radioactivity.

What we also have is that the Hebrew term man, comes from the term Adam, which defines that these men are in analogy, of the color red. A good test to see if we are red or not, is to imagine a great source of light, and that light in our body what color it would look. To do this, place your hand on a light source and see what color appears. And then see whether you are red or not.


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