Should we believe what is written in the Bible?

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The first issue is to note that there is a creative entity. This must be observed by looking at nature, the laws that govern the universe, and our very existence. In concluding that it is impossible to exist from nothing, with such complexity. We have to accept that there is a conscious entity that has developed so much complexity.

But how to link the existence of a conscious creative entity, with trust in the Bible. Many people want to start their belief in the Bible, and at some point such a person will be asked, why to believe in the Bible, and at that point it is in a paradox, to prove the Bible by the Bible, would be the same as to prove Spiritism by Spiritism, or Islam for Islam, or Hinduism for Hinduism, and so on.

Each religion has the ability to prove its religion, by its own religion. So, to get out of this impasse, the only way to prove which religion is true, is to get out of the view of each religion, to a view in which all religions are dependent.

And what are all religions dependent on? All religions are dependent on the universe in which they live. That's right, if there were no air, water, energy, all thinking and instinctual beings, they would not exist, and if they had not existed, there would be no religion.

Nature is the material that everyone depends on. Thus, if there is a conscious entity, its fingerprints are in the universe that surrounds us. For we can accept that men have written religious books, but we do not accept that the universe was created by human beings. This is one of the principles of research on intelligent design, or fine tuning.

Thus, in nature we can observe God's fingerprints, independent of man. And starting with the work of creation, we can observe the religions, and look in the ancient documents of those religions, which best fits nature. In a way, we can analyze in the Bible in Romans 1:20 that looking at created things, it is inexcusable those who do not observe God as Creator.

With observation of all religions, and all religious writings, the closest documents to the reality of nature, is the Christian Jewish system. We must understand that even though the reality of God exists in man without writings, as the Bible also says in Romans 2:14, we have to say that when man walks according to the law naturally, such are the law for himself. Defining that the laws that govern evolution are systematic to God, even if they are not written on paper.

In fact, until the contrary is proven, Biblical texts are the closest to a Creator in which we can see his art in nature.


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