The fruit of the Science of good and evil

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We can read in the verse of Genesis 2:17 that all fruits were allowed for man to eat, except the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. But what would be in that fruit? We can understand and accept that God has the possibility to do things that we cannot understand, and these things we call miracles. But looking at the world, we see that they were created with laws, and therefore the creator of these laws manages all things.
We are alive because of several molecular mechanisms, and these are highly organized. Thus defining the scientific concepts of life does not testify against the great power of God, it only determines that God manages everything with great planning and control.
So we must understand, for example, that there are several products that can act on different parts of the body. For example, there are herbs that directly affect the brain, with products such as cannabinoids. Even Alcohol manages changes in the human mental state. In this way, it would be nothing so exceptional that the fruit of the knowledge of Good and Evil is linked to altering factors in the brain.
But which region of the brain could have the effect described in the text of Genesis 3: 7, in which the man and the woman saw that they were naked? Would the fruit be magical? This is a possibility, but looking at all the plants on earth, we don't see magic plants. In this way, the most rational is that such fruit would have chemical properties that would affect the brain, which is common in nature. Knowing in advance that God has created nature. In fact, a simple protein could not have been formed without intervention in nature, let alone organisms as complex as humans.
Thus, the fruit of the science of good and evil, must have its effect generated directly in the Brain Tonsils, an organ of control of the sense of what is forbidden, and of what is released. If we remove the brainwaves, the prohibition system ceases to exist, and the animal for example no longer has a control system, making the animal not have a sense of the prohibited, and can do whatever the system requires.
So a product that affects the brain tonsils, can generate the effect described on the back. Many think of concepts that there is a magic that makes man to sin. But such effects are analyzed, in a much more scientific way, showing that man makes mistakes due to brain factors. Some may make fewer mistakes, others more, all depending on the system of neurons and data organized in the brain. Thus, in order to reduce the number of mistakes made, an increase in control rules should be sought.
The use of any type of narcotic impairs control, thus the search for control, and rational factors reduce the factors of making mistakes. If that were not possible the text of John 8:11, in which Jesus tells a woman not to sin anymore, she could not exist. We can see this also in John 5:14, where Jesus again advises a person not to sin anymore. What defines that the act of sinning or not sinning involves a decision effort.
Thus, the effort, in searching for the correct one, and generating useful and good functions in life, manages better neuronal constructions, which help to reduce errors. We must also mention that there is a special factor in the brain, but it will be analyzed later.


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