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Several people have a wrong idea of ​​the law, because they define that the law, is defined in the law of Moses. They ignore that the law is before Moses.

An example is the "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" standard, the well-known term in the law of Talion, from the code of Hammurabi, which we can read in Exodus 21:24. But was this law an original law?

We can read in Matthew 5: 38-40 Jesus saying that the law should not be followed eye for an eye tooth for a tooth, but that the evil man should not be resisted.

A clear example would be the death of Abel, by his brother Cain, which we can read in Genesis 4: 8 in which Cain kills his brother Abel, but in that case, if an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth was the original law, then Cain should be killed. But what was done to Cain?

We can see this in the Genesis 4:15 verse in which God places a mark on Cain so that no one will kill him. This form clearly demonstrates that the "eye for an eye" and "tooth for a tooth" law is not the original law.

In fact, the term "you shall not kill" represents a clear definition for the original law.

But we can read yet another verse in Mark 10: 4-9 , in which Jesus says that the divorce letter was given by the man's hard heart, and not because it was an original law. For the original law Jesus states, that a man cannot be separated by a man from his wife.

So, what we have is that the laws of Moses, are full of norms given by the hardness of heart of the Israelites, and not because it was the original law. In fact, several religious groups do not seek the original law, as they define the law as Mosaic, or annul any law. But they forget that Jesus himself, said that the original law, is defined, before the Mosaic law.


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