The Beginning of Sin in Man

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Beginning of sin in man.
The only definition of sin, found in the Bible, is: "Sin is the transgression of the law. " 1 John 3: 4 . MEV1 320

So we have that the beginning of sin in man is the transgression of the law. The question would be, what is the law? The law that defines the right universally. So everything that is not good is sin, because it is against the law of right.

Sin as an individual action

eze 18: 4-28
According to the scriptures, sin is an individual action, each individual is responsible for his sin. One person's sin is not transferred to another. Except the sin of making the other sin. In this case, if the person does not sin, or if the person does, the person who induced someone to sin is sinning, regardless of whether the person who was induced accepted or not. So sin is not a transferable factor.

Question of the unborn child and infant
Sin transgression or inheritance.
As we read in eze 18: 4-28 we see that the father's sin is not transmitted to the son, and the son's sin is not transmitted to the father, sin is transgression. The only definition of sin, found in the Bible, is: "Sin is the breaking of the law. ". There is no other way to sin if not breaking the law, that is, he who does not break the law does not sin. Man does not transmit sin, man has to "voluntarily give in", breaking the law, and then man sins. There is no other way to sin in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. We can be born "in sin" [involved in sin], but we are not born with sin, that is, we are born with sin around us, or immersed in it, but it is our choice whether or not to commit sin.

How God gives parents children.
"Thousands of children who have been slaves to appetite and humiliating addictions, whose life is a moral wreck, will be face to face before the parents who made them what they are. Who, besides the parents, must assume such a terrible responsibility?Did the Lord make these corrupt youths? Oh, no! He made them in His image, a little smaller than the angels. "OC 562
We see that the Lord gives us children" in His image, a little smaller than the angels "

A child is a clean entity until the time of sin, because sin is transgression of the law. And there is no law that says "you will not be born", so that at birth the child would already be breaking the law. If there is no law "you will not be born", so until the child commits sin, he has no sin. But she receives a consequence, death, from Adam rom 5:12-19. Isso quer dizer que se uma mulher grávida fuma, e gera problemas na saúde de seu filho fazendo nascer fraco, essa fraqueza não é culpa da criança, e sim da mãe, mas a criança recebeu a consequência da ação da mãe. E isso que esta marcado em Act 17:30 . And in fact this is correct, as someone would be guilty of something he does not know and that no one has warned him about. Justice cannot blame someone for something they haven't done, and something they haven't been warned about. In fact Adam and Eve were warned about the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil gen 2:17. How fair would it be to condemn someone who hasn't been warned? In fact, the guilt of sin only occurs in God's judgment after warning to man. Any kind of condemning ideology that runs away from this principle is against logic and against justice. Created only to generate fear, and terror in relation to what is sin. Thus we have that Sin is the transgression of the law.



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