Current difficulties and prophecy

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Today we see several problems, such as the United States against China, Pandemic, countries trying to deceive, and several other things. But is that a factor for the end times?

Second, we can read Timothy 3: 1 , which says that in the last days, times would be laborious, difficult or terrible. What we can see is that times are getting more and more difficult and laborious, and we can even say terrible.

But how do you know what the last days are? We could read the following text in second Peter 3: 3 , which says that in the last days there would be scoffers, or scoffers, who would follow their passions. In history we can see that there were always people following their passions, the most difficult were the scoffers of religion, whatever it was. But nowadays the act of mocking religions has become exceptional. And we can see that in second Peter 3: 4 . Mocking Christ, and defining his passions as rules of life.

In history we have religion linked to men, but today we see a complete search for non-religiosity, and praise for pleasures. What reading the bible looks like the actions of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the bible quotes the end times, in Matthew 24: 36-39 , which shows that people ate and drank, lived normally, until destruction came. But note one important thing that we can read in second Peter 2: 5, where Noah was the preacher of righteousness. Therefore, we have a period as in Noah's day, when justice is preached, but even so the great majority chooses injustice linked to pleasures. Nowadays, it doesn't matter how much we talk about the Bible or even about the evils of libidination, or debauchery. Such things are considered crazy for the world.

And then we can see Timothy 3: 3-4 in second , and in these verses we can clearly see the current society, they are bold, proud, pleasure-loving more than God. And many don't even want to know if God exists or not. The world is being defined as the phase of the last days. But then when is Jesus coming back?

The Bible says that it is when we do not imagine, but whoever studies the scriptures sees the signs. But was it too far? Cellular society, and secular life. Religions, churches, religious concepts cease to exist, even with an immense database of everything that talks about the word of God. Between God and pleasures, most do not even want to know about God. And there falls in the following verse in Luke 18: 8 where you ask the question, "will God find faith in the earth?" When will Jesus return? For we are walking more and more each day, in a period when almost nobody will believe in God. Time will be like Noah's time. The more time passes, the more and more people have their lives similar to the time of Noah, in what is said about not believing in God and living for the pleasures. So we have that the current difficulties prove the path of prophecy.


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