The prophets and the law end and John?

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We can read in the book of Matthew 11:13, that the law and the prophets prophesy until John, in this case the term is John the Baptist. The primary question is, is there no more prophet? Paul wrote about the coming of Jesus, then, would not Paul be a prophet? We can read in the verse, in the first letter to the Thessalonians 4:17, that the living would meet Jesus, but those who died will go first. We also have the prophecies contained in Revelations of the Apocalypse, which were written long after the death of John the Baptist. So, we have to have prophets after John.

But are the prophecies up to John? We see in the book of Daniel 2:44 that there will be a kingdom that will never be destroyed, and that it will destroy all other kingdoms. The question is, is this prophecy up to John, or is it after John? A good reading in the books of Daniel, and we can see that he is talking about the kingdom of God, which would occur after the destruction of evil, that is, the second coming of Christ. But Christ's second coming is after John the Baptist.

Where then is the text error of Matthew 11:13? There is no error in the text, there is an error in the interpretation of the text. One person is talking to the other in the office, and says I went to the beach. The question is, did he go to the beach only? The answer is no, as he is talking to someone in the office. That is, he went to the beach, and then to the office, or anywhere else. So the law and prophecy goes to John, but not only to John.

Many people like to put terms like "only, only, only", where they don't exist. Let's assume that the law goes to John, so we read in the verse of Ephesians 6: 2 that it should honor parents, as this is the first commandment with promise, that is, if the law were to end in John, that law would not appear in the letter to the Ephesians, which is well after John.

Therefore, the law and the prophets speak even to John, and speak more, as we see in Daniel 2:44, or in Ephesians 6: 2. We can see in the Old Testament, several verses talking about the eternal celestial kingdom, which will reign, and this prophecy is long after John the Baptist. It is a fact, that the laws, which determine, You will not have other Gods, Do not make images of sculpture to worship, and others, are norms that remain beyond John. Therefore, we have only that Jesus was quoting, that the law, and the prophets quote John the Baptist as a biblical character, but they go much further, until the second return of Christ, and the institution of his eternal kingdom.


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