Love your neighbor as yourself

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Love is not a feeling, but a principle. Usually it is said that passion is love. But that is not true.
In the scriptures we can read.
(NIV) "Do not seek vengeance or hold a grudge against any of your people, but love each other as your own self. I am the Lord.
We can read elsewhere:
39 (NIV) And the second is similar to him: Love your neighbor as yourself.
40 (NIV) On these two commandments all the Law and the Prophets depend ".
But what is it to love someone like yourself?
Imagine two people, person "X" and person "Y", imagine that you love both people, but "Y" wants to hurt "X", you think that making "X" stay away from "Y" is love ?
Yes. Love is making the best of everything. In fact, we must love everyone.
43 (NIV) "You heard what was said: Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.
44 (NVI) But I say to you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,
Now suppose" X " is it you, do you have to stay close to your enemy "Y", or far? So this is the principle of loving your neighbor as yourself.
Many people consider that loving someone in this verse implies being close to someone who mistreats, or does evil things. But that is not true. The truth is that love involves the term "like yourself".
This does not determine to be angry, or revenge on your enemy, but to try not to get in the way for that person to harm you, or those you love.
If your way of life is correct, one person or several, may not want your way of life, because your example can rebuke the life of the other, so it is best to distance yourself from that individual.
But an individual may wish to be close by obtaining facilities, and not by accepting his way of living in the right way. So it is also necessary to distance yourself from such a person.
For such a person does not love you, he only desires the things you have.
And loving your neighbor as yourself, also involves the question that the other must also love.
Imagine again two individuals "X" and "Y", "X" loves "Y", and "Y" just wants to take advantage of "X", would you try to take "X" away from "Y"?
Yes, this should happen, because "Y" besides not loving "X", the moment "X" loses what makes "Y" stay with "X", he will be extremely devastated.
What if "X" was you? So. Those who love should not be close to those who do not. Love must be mutual. For the term is to love your neighbor as yourself.
Indeed, such decisions are linked to the person not promising anything to anyone. When we promise something, then we must deliver.
(NVI)They owe nothing to anyone, except for the love of one another, for he who loves his neighbor has fulfilled the law.
So our choices must be very careful, we must not ally ourselves with those who do not want the same path. This will cause problems.
(NVI) Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do justice and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?
Many people would imagine that what we have in the text is about marriage, but that is not true, here any alliance is connected. We must not wish anyone harm, but we cannot walk with people who do not love the way we wish, as long as it is right.
(NVI) Will two people go together if they don't agree?
So love, involves not wishing evil for anyone, not even for yourself. For we must love our neighbors as ourselves. We must not remain with those who mistreat us, when we can choose the way of not being mistreated. But we must never mistreat anyone.
Knowing that someone is close, but does not love the foundation you have chosen, do not remain with that person, if you can.
But remember, the foundation of every concept of love is that the person seeks the right. If the other person is doing the right thing, and you are not, then none of this is worth it, because you have become the "Y" and not the "X".
Many judge themselves as "X", when they are "Y", and do not want to hear the advice of "X", irrationally defining that they are right.
A good conversation, with great care, and humble logic, can define, who is "X" and who is "Y".


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