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The term Father has an ancient origin, and its Biblical foundation is in description to God. So we have that God is the Father of us all.
This is the primary Biblical function. So it is essential that we understand what the concept of Father is, so that the Christian understands the foundation of Faith.
There is no place in the Bible that speaks more of Father, than in the New Testament and this one linked to Jesus speaking of God, as his Father and Father of all .
The term seed is the most direct way to define the children's lineage. As strange as it may seem, in a spiritual sense, we are mothers and brothers .
Remember that we have to separate what is literal sense from what is spiritual meaning. Many people do not think and end up mixing one thing with another. For example, Jesus once said that Lazarus was asleep, but this was in the spiritual sense, when the disciples spoke, "so let's wake him up", Jesus clearly said that Lazarus was dead. An individual who does not know how to separate the spiritual from the literal, is a real danger to society, because in saying that he will put someone to sleep, such an individual could be dangerous. So it is extremely important to separate literal from spiritual.
Jesus said that those who do God's will are his brothers and mother, that is, in the spiritual sense we are Jesus' family, but we are not the Father of Jesus. The Father generates the seed, that seed enters our hearts through the Holy Spirit, and so we generate that seed, and generates the fruits of the Spirit. We are mothers in the spiritual sense, and this is not literal, as the mother begets the child, and the Father sows.
So the roles in a family are clear, as they represent God's relationship with man. In the literal sense, the Father begets the seed, and the Mother begets the son.
In the maximum example of this action we have the birth of Jesus. That is the maximum touch of the connection between man and God. For he manages Emanuel, who is God with us.
In him Mary, the Mother, and God the Father, determine in God what he sows, and Mary in which he begets Jesus.
This example is the initial foundation of the family. Where the verse says that a man will leave Father and Mother and unite his wife. The violation of the literalness of this norm instituted by God, directly violates every spiritual principle of the concept of God as Father, and we as brothers and Mother of Jesus. Remember that Mother and brothers are those who follow the will of God, as they were sown by the kingdom of God.
The big basic question is always, does God exist or not? If it exists, then we must follow its rules as it is the universal rule of creation. As much as many people say that a Christian does not accept reality, this is not true, the Christian accepts reality, because he believes that God created all things and placed fixed laws in the universe.
The true Christian does not believe when man decides to imagine being able to change God's laws. When man says he can change, he creates the relative truth, and the psychological universe. And this is the illusion, because the universe has fixed biological and physical laws. The health of the body, the laws of physics, are divine norms because God created them, but to create dreams contrary to these laws for human pleasure, this is not a biblical foundation.
So, biblically speaking, we can see that the Father of Adam is God, and so we are all children of God, but spiritually speaking, we are children of God only if we want to do his will, and obey his laws. At the end of everything, in the Biblical concept, there will only be children of God, because those who do not wish to follow the laws of God, cannot exist, because they decided to leave the universe, because they created an imagination that the universe is what they want, only that the universe is not what I desire, it is what it is. And if you don't accept it, it's a sign that I don't want to be in the universe, and God will do what everyone wants. Whoever wishes to live in the only universe, with its laws, will live. Whoever does not wish, will disappear, because he does not wish to live in the only universe that exists.


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