What is a Salvation Point?

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This is a term created to define errors, or doctrines that are important for salvation and doctrines that are not important for salvation.

The big problem is that there is either a right doctrine or a wrong doctrine. There is no certain doctrine that is purely for aesthetics.

If we look at original sin, we have that the center of the error was merely to eat only one fruit. Veja was not killing an animal, nor eating meat of unclean animal, it was merely eating a fruit from a tree.

For those who have developed the idea of ​​the term "Salvation Point", eating the fruit would not be a salvation point. For if today someone said that eating food would be a consequence of losing salvation, such a creator would say that eating is not a point of salvation. Therefore, Adam and Eve ate a fruit that would not be a point of salvation.

The point is that the point of salvation, if that term could ever be used, involves sin against the Holy Spirit. Jesus' life and death manages grace, as we read in Acts 15:11 . If a man decides to do all kinds of wrong things, and says to believe in Jesus, that does not save him, because the verse says in Matthew 7:21 Not everything that says to me: Lord, Lord! He will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father, who is in heaven.

The point in question is repentance, for the verse of John 6:37 says , Whoever the Father gives me, he will come to me; and whatever comes to me, I will by no means cast it away. This is because repentance is the way to nullify sins, as we see in Acts 3:19 Repent, therefore, and be converted to be canceled your sins.

What is the main point to repent? It is knowing how to separate right from wrong. And so regret the wrong. But how is it done? Second Timothy 3:16 and 17 says that All Scripture is inspired by God and useful for teaching, for rebuking, for correction, for education in righteousness, so that the man of God may be perfect and perfectly qualified to every good work. 

Therefore, Scripture is composed of texts inspired by God. And so that content must be examined carefully, and with humility, and so there can be a clear warning, as it is written in the verse of John 16: 7 and 8. But I tell you the truth: you should go, because if I am not, the Comforter will not come to you others; but if I go, I will send it to you. When he comes, he will convince the world of sin, justice and judgment: 

In this way sin is known, and thus repent of it, and thus sin is canceled. But who has a hard heart, then falls on the only point of salvation, which we can read in Mark 3:28 and 29 which says: Truly I say to you that everything will be forgiven to the children of men: the sins and the blasphemies they utter. But he who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit has no forgiveness forever, since he is a defendant of eternal sin. 

If you read the story you will see that they said that Jesus spoke for the demons, that is to say that his words were wrong, and that was a blasphemy. The same thing happens here. Knowing that the Holy Spirit is the one who convinces of Sin, if he says that what he showed is of Satan, then he blasphemed himself against the Holy Spirit. In that case the person does not repent, and in this way sin is not canceled, and thus has no salvation.

So we can analyze that no matter the sin, be it eating a fruit, like Adam and Eve, or condemning Jesus to death on a Cross, all are forgiven, except to say that the Holy Spirit is the voice of Satan, because in this case the person he doesn't regret it, because he thinks that right is wrong, and wrong is right.

And how to know the voice of the Holy Spirit? God is the most rational, complete, absolute being. So when reading the Scriptures, and talking to several people, not running away, nor creating anger or hatred, but with all meekness, show all logic in every sense of the truth. So that logic comes from God. Jesus shut up his accusers, because his truth is from God. Jesus did not shy away from a subject, but showed the truth.

The first verse of Thessalonians 5:21 says: but test all things and keep what is good.

Thus, the point of salvation is: to refuse to repent of the mistake, defining in the heart that the comforter does not convince him of sin. Therefore, the act of saying that you are not convinced is automatically an act against the Holy Spirit. Either you have grounds for defining what is right, or grounds for defining what is wrong. For it does not exist, something neutral. For in Matthew 5:37 it says : But let your word be: Yes, yes; no, no. What goes through this comes from the evil one.

For there is no such thing as the factor of feeling whether it is right, or feeling that it is wrong. Either you are wrong with facts, or you are right with facts. Usually, out of a desire not to risk losing what he thinks, the person leaves the conversation to continue holding his wrong positions. And when that happens, in that person's heart, she said to the Comforter that the message that came was from Satan. And as long as you persevere in this blasphemy, you will not be saved, and that will be the point of salvation.



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