Why doesn't God present himself I?

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One of the biggest questions about God, is why does he not appear, for everyone to see?

To understand this, we must analyze human habits. The mother tells her daughter not to take candy from a box. When would this child pick up the candy? If the child is not obedient, then the moment when the mother leaves the room is when she will get the candy.

The same thing happens with adults, they usually expect that the repressive source does not see, so that the act can be done. In that case we can actually observe the actions of an individual.

And so it is with the question of God. It is necessary for man to do everything he wishes, as if there were no repressive source. And in that case the man could be rightly judged.

We can read in Ecclesiastes 12:14, that God will bring all things, even hidden ones, to judge whether they are good or bad. So in the divine question, things must be demonstrated in their real form.

We can also read in Luke 12: 2 and 3 that everything covered will be revealed, and hidden will be known, and everything that is spoken hidden, will be brought to be heard. Thus, it is the clear fact of not observing God and other entities. For man must show his true face, as if there were no God to condemn him.

Each human being must live according to the purpose of his life, those who want real evolution, following the best of universal laws, so that everyone lives in balance with the environment, then they will have life. Any action that generates destruction in the end, this act is condemned. It doesn't matter if an action looks beautiful, if that action goes against the rules and laws of the universe, then that action is bad.

In the book of James 4:17 , it says that he who knows how to do good and does not do it, then is sinning. Thus, if a person does things that harm his body, he is sinning, because he knows how to do good and does not do it. If the person knows that following the biblical ways is good and does not do it then he is sinning. But if you don't know, then you are not to blame. For in the book of Acts 17:30 it says that God does not take into account the time of ignorance, that way we can only be judged by knowledge. Thus, people who do not know the Scriptures will be judged without the Scriptures.

In Romans 2:12 to 15 shows that those who did not know the law, not the law will be judged, for even without the law, had the law on their hearts. And so they were good people, without knowing God. That way, several people will live forever, without knowing why, until it is revealed. This does not determine that the one who knows the scriptures is in the position of the one who does not know. It only determines that any human being who uses what he knows, does his best, such a person, will obtain eternal life.

But such actions that are defined for good, must be well thought out, and not just think that what is done is good. For in the book of Proverbs 14:12, it says that there are ways that seem correct to man, but their end are ways of death. In this way, it is logic, reason, and natural rules, that we can see what is right and wrong. Never the mere will of man. That is why God does not appear. So that man can freely decide what he wants to be.


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