Who ascended to heaven?

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Many people, wanting to keep their doctrines, end up destroying the biblical organization of the themes, trying to imagine something in a text, when the text does not say what they think.

One of these texts is found in John 3:13 . In it Jesus is talking to a group of people, talking about repentance, but at one point the conversation tends to evolve into heavenly things, in which Jesus said that no one went up to heaven. The term "nobody" in the back is the Greek term 3762 . This term is not automatically a universal term, but is accepted as a specific term. For example in the verse of Mark 5:37 , the term " nobody" is used , but it defines that this "nobody" , was not Peter, James and John. The same happens in Luke 8:16 , in which it says "nobody"put a lamp and cover it with a vase. Now, if someone decides to do this, it could happen, it is not a prohibition that it cannot be done, just that it is not natural for it to happen! Thus, we have that the term "nobody" also involves what is not natural to occur. I could make a huge list, demonstrating that the term "nobody" needs a complement to a universal definition, because you can use the term and include individuals, actions, and objects that are not within the term "nobody" .

Then, we can read in Second Kings 2:11 , that Elijah ascended to heaven in a chariot of fire, being clearly said that Elijah ascended to heaven. And we can still see in the second verse of Kings 2: 1 , which says that God would take Elijah to heaven. The textual construction of the two verses clearly defines the described sky. We can still see several verses in the New Testament in reference to Elijah, like Luke 9:30 . We can still observe texts that describe individuals who did not see death, as in Hebrews 11: 5 , which mentions that Enoch did not see death because God took him for himself, and so he was translated.

Such actions of ascending to the heavens, it is not a rule, it is an exception. And the term "nobody" excludes the exception, as if someone wants to cover the lamp with a vase, or when some men are separated from everyone. In fact, many people like to fix blindly on texts, in which they do not analyze the terms and do not make Biblical comparisons, which this blind fixation would end up destroying Biblical concepts. Terms like "nobody", or "all", should be analyzed carefully, as their function is usually related to the majority, not the exceptions. In a way Jesus himself is an exception to several texts using terms like "nobody" and "all", contained in the bible.

As we can see, Jesus was clearly saying that  "no one" of those who were talking to him, had gone up to heaven, and not that "no one" , be it an angel, be God himself, who went down to earth, and did not go up to heaven . The term "nobody" in the back would need a complement to define a complete exclusion. If we read the verse automatically we will conclude that the term "nobody" refers to men, but it does not have this complement, now why it cannot be defined that the term "nobody"refer to men, and define as those men Jesus was talking about? See that idealizing a doctrine on an assumption that would nullify other verses with clear definitions, is to say that quicksand is more solid than a rock.

When we clearly understand the textual organization, and the terms with their correct meanings, we will not break, or try to nullify, other verses, which have a historical key in every Bible.


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